Parental Responsibility

At CHS, not only the staff and students are part of the learning and caring community but also the parents. Parents and staff are expected to work together in nurturing the students, developing not only the academic and physical strengths but also their spirituality and citizenship.


Parents should ensure that:

  • they address all matters of concern by first visiting the office

  • visit the office before having a conference with a teacher

  • report to office before seeing daughter/ward

  • keep aware of school events by monitoring the schools calendar

  • keep aware of chs-parent communication

  • attend meetings: PTA/progress/class

  • respect the school/teachers/other students in the presence of the daughter/ward.

  • school fees are paid by the stipulated date

  • report cards are picked up, signed on time and the tear-off portion returned by the last day of the first week of terms one and two

Parents should ensure that students:

  • are on time for all classes

  • have all necessary books (texts and exercise)

  • are neatly and modestly dressed

  • check homework

  • respect the school/teachers/other students

  • receive a proper nutritious meal

  • are advised on the importance of safety and good conduct


Anyone entering the school grounds or classroom to see a student must first go to the school’s office and obtain permission to do so. Parents should inform persons visiting the school on their behalf of those rules. Any attempt by visitors, parents to communicate with students in a classroom are strongly discouraged as they serve as distractions