Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Students at Convent High School now have the opportunity to bring their own personal electronic devices to school for educational purposes. The main considerations for implementing this policy were the widespread availability of wireless-enabled devices, the fact that students are native digital users, and the possibility of taking advantage of students’ attachment to their own devices to deepen learning and make learning more personalized and student-centred.

With administrator and teacher approval, students may use their devices to access information from the Internet, to collaborate with other learners, and to utilize the productivity tools available to them. The term “device” refers to any mobile electronic technology, including assistive technologies, brought to school, which is owned by the student, and which has the capability of connecting to the school’s wireless network.

Convent High School therefore provides students with the opportunity to use personal electronic devices for educational purposes. It will be the students’ responsibility to follow the rules for safe and responsible use. Access to the school’s network is a privilege. If students fail to abide by these rules, they may risk the loss of this privilege and other consequences may apply. Students may bring their personal electronic devices to school at their own risk. The school will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged devices.

Safe Use

Students must comply with the Convent High School Student Acceptable Use Policy as well as the following:

  • Obey school rules concerning behaviour and communication that apply to personal electronic device use.

  • Refrain from sharing passwords or personal account information.

  • Refrain from connecting with people they do not know.

  • Report any suspicious information to the administration of the school or staff member immediately.

  • Set a password on their device(s).

  • Understand that they bring their device to school at their own risk. In case of malicious damage or theft of a student’s device, existing school procedures for damage to school property or the property of others apply.

Responsible Use

Students must comply with the Convent High School Student Acceptable Use Policy and the School Rules, as well as the following:

  • Record the brand, model, part and serial number of their device(s).

  • Secure and protect their device(s) at school and while travelling to and from school. This includes protective carrying cases and exercising discretion when storing the device(s).

  • Bring headphones and other acceptable peripherals to use with the device(s). Students should note that sharing of headphones is unhealthy.

  • Maintain the device(s) on silent/vibrate at all times while working in class unless permission is granted by the teacher for instructional purposes.

  • Refrain from lending or sharing personal electronic device(s) with others.

  • Clearly label the device(s) and power cords with their name.

  • Always turn off and secure their personal electronic device(s) after each use.

  • Ensure that their personal electronic device is brought to school each day fully charged. Students are required to take their device(s) home each day to charge overnight. Devices should not be left at school overnight.

  • Refrain from accessing or storing inappropriate content on device(s) as stated in the Convent High School Student Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Refrain from sending, posting or possessing materials that are inappropriate, abusive, obscene, pornographic, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, or damaging to another’s reputation, or illegal, including cyber bullying and “sexting”.

  • Refrain from accessing school resources, including the network, to knowingly alter, damage, or delete school property.

  • Monitor all activity on their account.

  • Utilize a cloud storage program for document storage.

  • Ask permission (in writing) from the teachers and individual(s) before recording (audio, photo-assisted or video) an individual or group. Convent High School retains the rights concerning any recording and/or publishing of any student or staff member’s work or image. Permission must be obtained to publish a photograph or video of any school related activity.

  • Refrain from creating, transmitting, retransmitting or participating in the circulation of content on their devices that attempts to undermine, hack or bypass any hardware or software security mechanisms that have been implemented by the school.

  • Should not expect that files stored on district servers will always be private.

  • Refrain from disabling or attempting to disable any filtering service used by the school.

Violation of these rules may result in suspension or revocation of system access and/or suspension or revocation of permission to use personal electronic devices for instructional purposes while at school, as well as other disciplinary action, in accordance with the School Rules.

Appropriate Use

As with any device that is used at school, there is an appropriate time and place for the device to be used. Teachers have final authority regarding the procedures in the classroom. If he or she directs that the device be not used, then students are expected to follow those directions. Access is available, but not guaranteed for each classroom situation. Teachers reserve the right to collect cell phones and other personal electronic devices for a specific classroom assignment or tests.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Discuss with your daughter/ward the importance of practising responsible digital behaviour with personal electronic devices.

  • Establish clear standards and values with your daughter/ward regarding acceptable Internet usage, just as you do for the use of all media information sources such as television, telephones, movies and radio.

  • Talk to your daughter/ward about values and standards that she should follow on the use of the Internet just as you do on the use of all media information sources such as television, telephones, movies, and radio.

  • Reinforce to your daughter/ward that she is responsible if the device is lost, stolen, and/or damaged.

  • Ensure that she completes the required training in the responsible use of digital devices as provided by the school.

Wireless Information

Students must use Convent High School's free wireless connection while at school. Convent High School is not responsible for personal charges for accessing other wireless connections or data charges. When a student logs into the school's wireless network, she is accepting the terms of the Convent High School Acceptable Use Policy. She will have filtered Internet access just as if she were using a school-owned device. She may not disable or attempt to disable any filtering service used by the school.

Some Assurances

A student’s grades will not suffer if she does not have access to a personal electronic device; she will be provided with an alternate way of completing the assignment. A school-owned device may be provided based on availability.

All personal electronic devices are brought to school at the students’ own risk, just like any other personal items. The school is not financially liable for damaged, lost, stolen, or misplaced devices.

Usage of cellular data is not allowed because it is not filtered with Convent High School filtering system. Free wireless access is provided by the school and students must use the school's filtered wireless connection when at school.

The AUP for the Convent High School remains in effect even when students are using their own personal electronic devices. Users accept that all school policies regarding the use of electronic devices and the Internet apply to personal electronic devices connected to the internet with the school's network.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

This policy will be monitored and kept in force on a daily basis. The school reserves the right to amend this policy as the need arises. Annual evaluations will be conducted by staff, students, parents and guardians, and reviews will be implemented following substantive recommendations from the evaluations.

The BYOD Student Agreement must be signed by the student and by a parent/guardian, following any amendments made to the policy.

Student Agreement to BYOD

I agree that I will abide by the school’s BYOD policy and that:

  • I will use the school’s wireless network for learning

  • I will use my device during school activities at the direction of the teacher.

  • I will not attach any school-owned equipment to my device without the school’s permission.

  • I will use my own portal/internet log-in details and not share them with others.

  • I will stay safe by not giving my personal information to strangers.

  • I will not hack or bypass any hardware and software security implemented by the school

  • I will not use my own device to knowingly search for, link to, access or send anything that is:

    • offensive

    • pornographic

    • threatening

    • abusive or

    • considered to be bullying

  • I will report inappropriate behaviour or content to a teacher

  • I understand that my activity on the Internet is being monitored and records of such activity may be used in investigations, court proceedings or for other legal reasons

  • I acknowledge that the school cannot be held responsible for any damage to, or theft of, my device

  • I have read the school’s BYOD policy and the student responsibilities therein and agree to comply with the requirements

  • I have read and will abide with the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.