St. Cecilia

House Colour: Blue

Feast Day: November 22

One of the first three Original houses at the Convent High School.  Age of House: 150 years

Biography of St. Cecilia

Patroness of Music & Musicians

Cecilia was a member of a noble family of Rome and a follower of Christ. Her parents forced her to marry a nobleman named Valerian. On the evening of her wedding day, with the music of the wedding feast ringing in her ears, Cecilia renewed the vow by which she had consecrated her virginity to God. “Pure my heart and undefiled my body; for I have a spouse you do not know, an angel of my Lord.” This is why she is honoured as a patron of music.

Cecilia converted her husband to the faith of Christ. Because he has helped Cecilia in her charity toward the poor, he was put to death. Cecilia refused to sacrifice to the gods. The judge condemned her to be smothered by steam. But God protected Cecilia. Then the judge ordered a soldier to kill her with the sword. He struck her three times, but did not cut off her head. She fell down, badly wounded, and for three days she remained alive. She gave her property to the holy Bishop Urban for the use of the Church, and received the sacrament of Holy Communion before she died. This occurred in the year 117.

Cecilia was buried in catacombs. Her grave was discovered in 817and her body was placed in the church of St. Cecilia in Rome. In 1599, when her tomb was opened her body was incorrupt.

 “O Lord, hear our requests. Through the intercession of Cecilia, please grant what we ask.”

House Song

Written by: The late Dr. Thomas Henderson & Ms. Triona Henderson

Saint whose faith in God divine.

Frustrated foes put them to shame;

Maiden who for love of the Lord

Chose to die but not renounce his name.


St. Cecilia, bold and fearless,

Sage of music, saint of love.

Make us strong in body and in spirit,

St. Cecilia’s house will always be on top.

Valiant maiden, martyred virgin,

Be our guide, our inspiration,

With song and music, truth and honour,

We’ll sing your virtues and recall your pain.


Lead us onward, St. Cecilia

To be diligent and never shirk.

Give us courage and give us wisdom

To lead in sports and academic work.

St. Cecilia, bold and fearless,

Sage of music, saint of love.

Make us strong in body and in spirit,

St. Cecelia’s house will always be on top. HOORAY!!!

Prayer to St. Cecilia

Dear Saint Cecilia,

one thing we know for certain about you is that you became a heroic martyr in fidelity to your divine Bridegroom.

We do not know that you were a musician but we are told that you heard Angels sing.

Inspire musicians to gladden the hearts of people by filling the air with God's gift of music and reminding them of the divine Musician who created all beauty. Amen.

House Logo

This logo represents the spirit of our House St. Cecilia. It was created mainly by Amala Louise Sorhaindo and Ahnice Breedy and was done graphically by Trinidadian Graphic artist Ms. Renelle A. Eustace.

The colours blue and gold were chosen to reflect the pure yet regal nature of our saint, Cecilia. The Cross is the main stay and represents the struggle and victory of Cecilia’s life and her dedication to Christianity. Wrapped around the cross is a Treble clef signifying the role that music plays in our saint’s life as she is the patron saint of music and musicians. Hence a Trumpet is also imaged against the cross depicting Cecilia’s followers evangelizing the word of God through music.

'We will give glory in the Cross of our Lord, Jesus Christ.’