Behaviour and Expectations

The Convent High School strives to train its students to be respectful and civilized young women. Therefore the school has a NO TOLERANCE policy for behaviour contrary to that of the school rules. Students are asked to recognize the following:

  • Student are not allowed to engage in violent gang activity

  • Students are not allowed to engage in physical fights on or off school compounds or while wearing the school uniform.

  • Students are not allowed to engage in theft of any kind on or off school property

  • Students are not allowed to engage in vandalism

  • Students are prohibited from carrying, trading or using illegal drugs and alcohol on school property or while representing the school.

  • Students are prohibited from carrying pornographic material or engaging in pornographic activity anywhere.

  • Students are prohibited from carrying harmful substances.

  • Students are permitted to carry or use electronic equipment on school grounds for school and subject specific purposes only. Use of electronic devices in the classroom must be approved by the teacher at all instances of use. Students are not permitted to carry or use electronic equipment on school grounds for entertainment and recreational purposes. Electronic equipment includes all audio, video, or multimedia players, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other forms of personal computer devices, wireless radios, and any audio or video recording devices.

  • Students are expected to behave respectfully towards classmates, teachers and other members of staff. Any student guilty of disrespectful behaviour will be punished accordingly. (Disrespectful behaviour includes swearing/cursing, screaming at someone, physically attacking someone, defaming someone on social networks or endangering someone’s well-being in any way and bullying).

Insubordination will not be tolerated. Students are expected to obey all teaching and ancillary staff and the rules of the school. Failure to do so will result in punishment.

The Convent High School recognizes the number of different personalities attending the school. The students are also to recognize this and must be prepared to tolerate the opinions and backgrounds of the staff and students (provided these opinions are not in violation of the school’s policies). Intolerance of religion, race, socio-economic status or otherwise will not be tolerated.

Students are advised to keep on their person, or, take in to the office any money or valuables, and collect these at the end of the day. The school cannot be held responsible for students' failure to secure their possessions.

Failure to submit to the school’s behaviour policy will result in punishment by the staff.

It sometimes occurs that students may have to offer an apology for wrong doing. Below are guidelines for writing a letter of apology:

You are to apologize to a teacher, a class and the principal. This means that there has been a breakdown of student-teacher respect. Describe what you did that was wrong, or what you failed to do.

State that you intend to apologize for them.

Provide an indication why these occurrences will not be repeated in the future, and how you can prevent those conditions from recurring

The tone of your letter must be considerate and respectful.

Religious Ceremonies and Other Activities

Convent High School is first and foremost a Catholic school. While we recognize that not all our students are members of the Roman Catholic faith, we expect all students to have utmost respect for the Church. In addition to our prayerful morning assemblies, students will have to attend Mass at the Roseau Cathedral at least three times during the school year. Students will also receive the opportunity to attend retreats at least once during the school year. There are also times when classes will serve as representatives of the school at religious ceremonies outside of Roseau.

At these religious activities, students must:

  • be in complete formal uniform

  • walk reverently and orderly

  • behave appropriately while on the street/road or bus

  • not bring any snacks or chewing gum

  • sit with their classmates and teacher(s)

  • follow instructions given by the teachers, religious officials, facility employees or bus drivers

  • not disturb religious ceremonies with excessive talking or misbehaviour

  • not speak or act disapprovingly of Roman Catholic rites and rituals.

Behaviour at School Masses

Impeccable deportment and behaviour at School Mass are expected of all students. Please take note of the following:

  • Students will not be allowed to leave Church to use the washrooms.

  • Talking before Mass begins and during Mass will not be tolerated.

  • Students must form orderly lines and observe silence to and from Mass.

  • Catholics should bow or genuflect before entering the pew and upon leaving the Church at the end of Mass.

  • All students must stand at the appropriate times during Mass. Catholics must kneel or stand during the Consecration.

  • Students should remain in their seats during the sign of peace.

  • Teachers will guide students who wish to receive Holy Communion.

  • Silence is expected after Communion.

Behaviour at Break and Lunch

Break time is from 10:25 am to 10:45 am daily. Lunch is from 1:00 pm to 1:40 pm daily.

  • At this time, students must leave the classroom. The only students who are allowed to remain in class are those who are assigned to clean the classroom on specific days.

  • Students are not permitted to remain on the second floor during the mid-morning or lunch breaks. No breakable bottles are allowed on the second floor.

  • Students are not to congregate in the back of the school near the bathrooms, the Music Room or the former ICM Sisters Convent during the breaks.

  • Students are not allowed to go out of the school gates.

  • Students must form orderly lines to purchase snacks.

  • Soft drink bottles must be returned to the designated crates.

Expectations of a Convent High School Student

Respect God

  • Participate fully and reverently in general and class assemblies and during all types of prayer

Respect yourself

  • Be well behaved and respectful

  • Be punctual in attending school and classes

  • Wear the school uniform neatly and with pride

  • Dress modestly at all times

  • Use the zipper when straightening your school blouse. Do not lift your skirt!

  • Practice good hygiene

  • Sit properly

  • Remember: chewing gum on the school compound is discourteous

Respect your teacher

  • Be respectful to all teachers

  • Always answer respectfully: Avoid disrespectful responses and noises

  • Be attentive during classes

  • Be ready with all homework and assignments

  • Create a positive relationship with all teachers

  • Participate in all class activities

Respect your classmates

  • Follow the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

  • Solve conflicts peacefully. Report to an adult.

  • Create a positive relationship with your classmates

  • Always speak to others in a respectful manner: Avoid shouting or using aggressive tones

  • Always answer respectfully

  • Make frequent use of the terms “Please”, “Thank You”, “Excuse me”, “I am sorry”, “May I?”

Respect the surroundings

  • Respect the school property

  • Avoid dragging your chairs when sitting and standing

  • Assist in keeping the class and school surroundings clean

  • Use the litter bins – as designated - to appropriately dispose of litter

  • Keep the washrooms neat

  • Turn off the lights and fans when the classroom is vacant particularly at the end of the school day.

  • Move quietly around the school compound

  • Form neat, orderly lines when moving from your class to general areas like the Hall, Computer Lab, Music Room, playground and TV Room.

Parents' Responsibilities

Parents should ensure that students:

  • are on time for all classes

  • have all necessary books (texts and exercise)

  • are neatly and modestly dressed

  • check homework and classwork both at the school and online.

  • School fees are paid by the stipulated dates.

  • Report cards are picked up, the comment slips signed and returned by the last day of the first week of Terms One and Two, or the date indicated.

  • Receive a proper nutritious meal

  • Are advised on the importance of safety and good conduct

  • Address all matters of concern by first visiting the office

  • Report to office before seeing daughter/ward

  • Attend meetings: PTA/progress/class

  • Request information slips

  • Respect the school/teachers/other students

  • Respect the school/teachers/other students in the presence of daughter/ward.