Acceptable Use

Computer, Electronic Communications System and Services, Network Access

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Staff and Students

Convent High School (CHS) provides technology resources to its staff and students for educational and administrative purposes. The main objective is the promotion of educational excellence in the school by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication with the support and supervision of parents and teachers. The use of these technology resources is a privilege, not a right.

With the access to computers and people all over the world comes the potential availability of material that may not be considered to be of educational value in the school setting. CHS firmly believes that the value of information, interaction and research capabilities available outweighs the possibility that users may obtain material that is inconsistent with the educational objectives of the school. CHS complies with existing regulations regarding Internet filtering in order to limit user access to inappropriate content.

Proper behaviour, relating to the use of computers, is no different than proper behaviour in all other aspects of activities at CHS. All users are expected to use the computers and computer network in a responsible, ethical and polite manner. This document is intended to clarify those expectations as they apply to computer and network usage.

The school’s computer system and services, and network are any configuration of hardware and software, and include all of the computer hardware, operating system software, application software, stored text, and data files. This also includes but is not limited to electronic mail, local databases, the Intranet, CD-ROM, optical media, clip art, digital images, digitized information, communication technologies, and new technologies as they become available.

Acceptable Use

The School’s technology resources will be used only for learning, teaching and administrative purposes consistent with the school’s vision and mission. The school’s email system should not be used for mass mailings except for official school business. Commercial use of the school’s system is strictly prohibited. Personal e-mail should not impede the conduct of school business; only incidental amounts of staff time at school should be used to attend to personal matters.

The school will provide necessary training to all users in the proper use of the system. This training will also emphasize the ethical use of this resource.

Software may only be placed on a computer networked to the services managed by the school, if purchased or authorized by the school. Only personnel authorized by the school may install software on any computer. Hardware and peripherals can only be attached to school computers if permitted by the staff of the school’s IT Department.

System and Services Access

The following govern access to the school’s network system:

  • Users will have access to the school’s resources for class assignments and research with their teacher’s permission and supervision.

  • All users will be required to maintain password confidentiality by not sharing passwords with anyone.

  • Teachers are not allowed to provide access to other teachers or student access through their teacher’s account.

  • Any user identified as a security risk or having violated the school’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) may be denied access to the school’s system. Other consequences, as included but not limited to those listed in this document, may also be imposed.

  • A user, having been denied access rights, may be reinstated with a limited access account to reduce the level of the security risk to the system and. Limits on this type of account may include time limitations, home directory limitations, station access limitations, file access restrictions, and a revocation of Internet access privileges.

Individual User Responsibilities

The following standards will apply to all users of the school’s computer network system and services:

  • The individual in whose name a system account is issued will be responsible for its proper use at all times.

  • The system and services may not be used for illegal purposes, in support of illegal activities, or for any other activity prohibited by school regulations.

  • Users may not use another person’s system account to access computer or network resources and services.

  • Users are responsible for managing any critical items sent or received within the electronic mail system.

  • Users will be responsible for following all copyright laws.

  • Users are responsible for following the training offered by the school on the proper and ethical use of the services managed by school and the school network.

Improper use of any computer or the network is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Submitting, publishing or displaying any defamatory, inaccurate, racially offensive, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented or bullying, threatening materials or messages, either public or private

  • Using the network for financial gain, political or commercial activity

  • Attempting to or vandalizing equipment, materials or data

  • Attempting to or sending anonymous messages of any kind

  • Using the network to access or post inappropriate material in public or private sites including but not limited to social media

  • Knowingly placing a computer virus or any other destructive computer code on a computer or the network

  • Using the network to provide addresses or other personal information that others may use inappropriately

  • Accessing of information resources, files and documents of another user without authorization

  • Forging, or attempting to forge, using a network account belonging to someone else

  • By-passing school proxy servers

  • Posting personal information about others without proper authorization

  • Downloading or using copyrighted information without permission from the copyright holder

  • Attempting to “hack” into network resources

  • Storing inappropriate information or data in home directories; example; images, video or executable files.

  • Disabling or attempting to disable any Internet filtering device

  • Using other network or bypassing protocols authorized by the school

  • Wasting school resources through the improper use of the computer system, services or network

  • Gaining unauthorized access to restricted information or resources

  • Attaching personal printers, scanners or computers to the school’s network without prior approval.

Internet Postings

The Internet has expanded the way in which students can communicate internally and externally. While this creates new opportunities for communication and collaboration, it also creates new responsibilities for CHS students. This Internet Posting policy applies to students and staff who use the following:

  • Multimedia and social networking websites

  • Blogs

  • Wikis where text can be posted

Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Discretion should prevail in any decision to post information in any way relating to the CHS. If unsure of any particular posting, contact a staff of the IT Department.

Internet postings should not include the CHS logo or watermark, and should respect copyright, privacy, fair use, personal or financial disclosure, and other applicable uses.

Internet postings should not violate any other applicable use of CHS.

Authors agree that the CHS will not be liable, under any circumstances for any errors, omissions, loss or damages claimed or incurred due to any of their Internet posting.

Every user is responsible for reviewing the terms of this policy.

Suspension/Revocation of System User Account

The school reserves the right to suspend or revoke a system user’s access to the school’s system and services upon violation of school policy and/or administrative regulations regarding acceptable use.

Termination of a staff member’s account or a student’s access will be effective on the date the Principal or System Administrator provides notice of user withdrawal or of revocation of system privileges, or on a future date if so specified in the notice.

Consequences of Improper Use

Improper or unethical use may result in disciplinary actions consistent with the existing School Rules or Staff Employment provisions. This may also require restitution of costs associated with system restoration, hardware or software costs.


The school’s system is provided on an “as is, as available” basis. The school does not make any warranties, whether expressed or implied, including, without limitation, those of fitness for a particular purpose with respect to any services provided by the system and services or any information or software contained therein. The school uses a variety of hardware and software, and therefore does not guarantee that the functions or services performed by, or that the information or software contained on the system will meet the user’s requirements. Neither does the school guarantee that the system will be uninterrupted or error-free, nor that defects will be corrected.

Opinions, advice, services and all other information expressed by system users, information providers, service providers or other third party individuals in the system are those of the providers and not necessarily the school.

The school will cooperate fully with national and regional officials in any investigation concerning or relating to the misuse of the school’s computer system and services and network.

Term, Evaluation And Review

The policy is binding for the duration of the staff member’s employment or the student’s enrolment in CHS.

The school reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. Annual evaluations of the policy will be conducted and reviews will be effected based on recommendations coming out of the evaluations.

Student Agreement to AUP

I understand that my computer use at the Convent High School is not private and that the School will monitor activity on the computer system.

I have read the school’s Computer, Electronic Communications System, Network Access Acceptable Use Policy and other school rules and agree to abide by their provisions.

I understand that violation of these provisions may result in the suspension or revocation of system access.

Parent/Guardian Agreement to AUP

I have read the school’s Computer, Electronic Communications System, Network Access Acceptable Use Policy, other school rules and this agreement form.

In consideration for the privilege of my daughter/ward using the school’s electronic communications system, and in consideration for having access to the school’s network, I hereby release the Convent High School, its operators and any institutions with which they are affiliated from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my daughter’s/ward’s use of, or inability to use, the system, including, without limitation, the type of damage identified in the school’s policy and other school rules.