The school day begins at 7:50 am and ends, in some instances, at 1:00 pm or at 3:45 pm.

Students are expected to report to school on time. Upon entering the school compound, students are not allowed to leave until classes are over.

The first bell is rung at 7:50 am and the second bell at 7:53 am. At the first bell, students must begin forming their lines for morning assembly. Class assemblies are held on Tuesdays (students stay in their classrooms for assembly), House assemblies are held twice a month, on Thursdays and General assemblies on all other days.

After the first bell, students must proceed to the assembly areas. On all days, except Tuesdays where there is class assembly, students must proceed either to the courtyard (on sunny days) or to the gallery (on rainy days) with their Bibles and Hymnals. The first bell is not the time for students who are late to rush to their classrooms. They must go directly to the assembly area.

  • Students must proceed to the assembly area in an orderly fashion. This is a religious school, and students must show reverence during the morning prayers.

  • After the assembly, students must walk to class quietly and use the appropriate staircases designated to their class.

  • Late students must remain in the late line until they are instructed to go to their classroom by a monitor or a member of staff.

  • Students who arrive after the second bell are considered late and will receive a demerit if they have no valid written excuse.

  • Students who arrive after the late line has been dismissed must go to the office for an excuse before proceeding to class.

Students who are late more than four times a week or more than eight times a month without VALID excuses will obtain a detention. Excuses must be written and signed by parents/guardians. Students are also expected to report promptly to their classes after break or where they have to move from one classroom to another, unless granted permission to be elsewhere.


Students are expected to be at school whenever the school is in session unless they are prevented from doing so through illness or other serious reasons.

A student who returns to school after being absent must present to the Principal a written excuse from parents/guardians before she is allowed to enter classes. In addition, in the case of a student who has been suspended, she must be accompanied back to school with her parent/guardian and report to the office.

Students who report to school must attend all classes, for which they are scheduled, except if permission has been sought and obtained from the principal to be away from class.

Students who are absent when tests are given may not be permitted to take those tests if:

  1. A valid excuse is not presented upon return

  2. The contents of the test have already been discussed by the teacher with students

  3. Test papers have already been returned to students

In cases of absenteeism without a valid excuse, or to avoid tests, students will be awarded a mark of 0%.

The school operates a subject-based attendance, hence each teacher is responsible for recording student present for the particular subject. Any student who is present at school but fails to attend a particular class will be recorded as absent for the subject.

Returning to school for make-up classes

It sometimes occurs that students may be required to return to school for additional classes. Whenever this occurs, the student will receive a letter from the teacher, attached to this letter will be a permission slip that parents will sign. On no account will students be invited to such classes without the prior approval of the parent.

Attendance (General Note)

CHS operates on an 11 to 13 period day and subject based attendance. Subject based attendance means that each teacher is responsible for doing attendance for his/her class. Reports to parents may contain attendance entries and calculated results. Here are some notes about attendance.

Current Attendance Reasons Used

  • Absent Unexcused

  • Absent Excused

  • Absent Medical/Illness

  • Absent Family/Religious

  • Absent Sporting/Performance

  • Absent Study/Educational

  • Absent Suspension

  • Absent Work Experience/Interview

  • Late Unexcused

  • Late Excused

5 Late Unexcused = 1 Absent Unexcused.