Discipline Policy

The Demerit system

Failure to serve a detention will normally result in another detention or suspension

Teachers cannot issue more than two demerits a day per child. 

N.B. Students will be exempted from any chore or punishment that, based on a medical report or a parent's written excuse, will aggravate her condition. This medical report or written excuse must be consistent with reports already existing at school with regard to the performance of chores, classroom duties and sporting activities. 

As a result, the students will be assigned an alternative chore/ punishment.

Position and Authority

Violation of the school rules and consequence


Infraction and Consequence 


Infraction and Consequence 


Infraction and Consequence 


Infraction and Consequence 

1 Failure to adhere to BOYD and AUP/Indecent Language/Rudeness/Disrespect to teacher/student/visitor/employee of school 

2 School uniform includes and is not limited to: The complete school uniform, sports uniform, club shirts.

Care of school property/school environment

Infraction and Consequence 

Note, notwithstanding the above, the school reserves the right to use its discretion in the determination of any consequence based on the particular circumstances.