St. Rita

House Colour: Orange

Feast Day: May 22

Biography of St. Rita

St. Rita of Cascia, was born in the 15th century in Italy.  She wanted to be an Augustinian nun, but her parents arranged a marriage for her to brutal, quick tempered man.  Her husband abused her for 18 years before he was murdered.  They had two sons who were very much like their father and they also died.

Left alone, St. Rita enter the convent and become Sister Rita at the age thirty-six.  There she lived for forty years, as a practicing nun of poverty and doing works of mercy, charity and peace.  One day, as Saint Rita was kneeling in prayer before the crucifix, she implored Jesus to share his suffering with her.

A torn from the crown around Jesus's head pierced her forehead.  This wound bled until the end of her life.  She died on May 22, 1457.  She was beatified in 1627 and canonizes on May 22, 1900.

St. Rita is known as the patron saint of impossible causes and desperate situations.  She's often entreated by those suffering the afflictions of abuse, sickness, desperate situations, difficult marriages, widows, wounded people, and also those suffering from sterility and infertility.


Holy Patroness of those in need, Saint Rita, so humble, pure and patient, whose pleading with your Divine Spouse are irresistible, obtain for us from your Crucified Christ our requests.  Be kind to us, for the greater glory of God, and we promise to honour you and sing your praises forever.

Oh glorious St. Rita, who miraculously participated in the sorrowful Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, obtained for us the grace to suffer with resignation the troubles of this life and aid us in all our needs.  Amen

House Song

Words by: Dinorah BalthazarMusic by: Gabriel Dalrymple


Dear St. Rita you are our role model,

You are our Patron saint

Dear St. Rita we admire you,

The patron saint of lost causes.

You kept your faith, when your sons lost theirs,

You were full of courage, every day,

Because you were guided by the number one man; God,

Dear St. Rita we admire you.


You carried all your burdens,

Though others scorn your name,

Like Jesus, you accepted your pain

And you were brave till your death.

Dear St. Rita we admire you.


Many a time through the pain you did cry,

But you knew your hurt would soon be over,

And now you are a saint,

For you're faithful, brave and patient,

So like you we'll keep the faith until we die.