Dress Code

The purpose of the uniform is to identify a student as belonging to Convent High School. It creates sameness and reduces distractions in order to encourage effective learning. The uniform should be worn in its entirety both to and from school.

Students who come to school without wearing the complete uniform MUST present a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian. Failure to follow this rule will result in a demerit. If students fail to comply after being warned, they will be asked to stay home until the proper uniform is worn or a signed excuse is presented.

Formal Uniform

Convent High School’s Formal Uniform consists of:

  • A white shirt which must be tucked neatly into the skirt

  • A navy blue skirt with large box pleats making up the front and back and worn to knee length. The crease at the back of the knee must not be visible when students are in a standing position

  • A navy blue tie; length to waistband of skirt

  • Navy blue socks [not see-through tights] must be worn below the knee but above the ankle

  • BLACK CLOSED SHOES with heels less than two inches high

Sports Uniform

On days when students have physical education classes, they are allowed to wear their sports uniforms in lieu of the formal uniform. This includes:

  • A pair of navy blue slacks and a top portraying the house colours (sold at school)

  • White socks

  • White sneakers

Students doing Physical Education and Sports in Forms 4 and 5 are required to have at least 2 sport uniforms and appropriate sports shoes. The sports uniform does not replace the school uniform but must be used on the days where practical component of the course is scheduled.

Other School Activities

There are occasions when students will be allowed to wear clothes other than the formal or school’s sports uniform. When attending school activities, students must also adhere to the school’s policy on attire. If students do not have the appropriate clothing set by the guidelines, they must report to school in complete uniform. Failure to comply will result in a demerit and students will not be admitted to class, activity or on the field trip.

Sports Day

Where possible, students should wear their sports uniforms to sports day activities. If not, students may wear:

  • Simple T-shirt in house colour

  • Pair of long jeans (non-athletes) or sports/cotton slacks (athletes)

Students are NOT permitted to wear the following:

  • fishnet socks

  • hair extensions and additions

  • elaborate hairstyles

  • artificial hair colour

  • nail polish and nail extensions

  • coloured hair accessories (only brown ring combs or simple navy, black hair accessories are allowed)

  • jewellery; except a simple small pair of gold or silver earrings, worn one in each ear, in the lower lobe and wrist watch

  • make-up

  • coloured bras and/or undershirts

Jeans Day

  • A simple T-shirt (no blouses)

  • Standard, long, loose, blue or black jeans (pants or skirt)

  • Closed shoes (no sandals and slippers)

Creole Day

Students are encouraged to wear the complete national wear of the Commonwealth of Dominica (either jupe or robe dwiyet). However, students are permitted to wear the following:

  • Flowered or madras skirt (knee length)

  • Flowered, madras or plain white/black blouse

Students are not permitted to wear the following:

  • Pants (long or short)

  • Halter tops

  • Sleeveless blouses

  • Outfits that expose midriffs and/or cleavage

Afternoon/Extra Classes and Field Trips

  • Blouses/T-shirts with sleeves

  • Pants or skirts of appropriate length

Students are not permitted to wear the following:

  • inappropriate literature on blouses/T-shirts

  • extremely short or tight shorts or skirts

  • Outfits that expose midriffs and/or cleavage