Director: Ms Stephanie Alexander

Adventure Club


Director: Miss Sherisse Robinson

Definition: Agápē means “unconditional love”. It is a love that is pure and true, free of any ulterior motives. This is the love that our God has for us-each and every single one of us.

Aims and Goals: Agape Club is a Christian-based school group.  Agape welcomes all students who wish to grow their Christian faith and students who have a desire for spiritual fellowship regardless of their faith or personal beliefs.

This club is also a social and service club that will benefit its members as they make positive impacts by serving others in their schools and communities.

Most importantly, members also learn how to grow their Christian faith through attending regular meetings, which can include: guest speakers, bible study, games, prayer and worship, and fellowship.

Mission: “Spreading the light and love of Christ”

Who is this group for?

Any student of the Convent High School who wants to:

Big Sister Little Sister 

Mentorship Program

Director: Miss Sherisse Robinson

Aims and Goals: The Big Sister Little Sister Mentorship Program aims to develop and expand empowerment and leadership skills in young girls.

This program also aims at fostering sisterhood among our mentoring matches while promoting girls’ physical, social and emotional health. 

Only students in Form 4 and 5 are eligible to be Big Sisters (Mentors). The mentees consist of a mixture of students from Form 1 and Grade 6 at St. Martin's Primary School.

Communications Club

Director:  Ms Sherri Jeffrey

Environmental Club

Director: Mr Larenz Wiltshire

Mission Statement: Portray a culture of cleanliness and beautification to students of the Convent High School as well as the community, also to realize that our natural resources are of great importance to our lives and create a society where sustainable use of natural resources is fundamental.

Our main objective is to help the students to acquire a set of values and feelings of concern for the environment and motivation and commitment to participate in environmental maintenance and improvement.  We seek to sensitize our students with regards to environmental problems which we are faced with ever so often, pollution being one of the most prominent.

Director: Ms. Natasha Nation

ICT Club

Director: Ms. Natasha Nation

Vision: To enable ICT proficient students, for ICT lies at the core of every organization today. Our vision is also to be more than just observers of technological development. Rather, we must create technological catalysts in our own environment.

Mission: The club aims to improve the ICT skills of its members by nurturing their creative and programming skills, and sharpening their research and presentation skills. The club also aims to promote innovation among its members as they seek out technological solutions to problems that may arise in a school environment

Goals and Objectives


Director: Ms Leandra Lander


Sign Language

Mission: To inspire young people to be sensitive through communication with members of the hearing impaired/deaf community and to foster an appreciation of Sign language as a means of performing arts which provides opportunities for artistic growth.

Membership is open to all students of the Convent High School, who share the club's goal of promoting awareness of sign language and its use as an alternative expression of performing arts and means of communicating with the hearing impaired community.

The club promotes learning Sign language vocabulary and expressions through artistic performances that will enhance students’ abilities.

Speech Chorale