St. Bakhita

House Colour: Purple

Feast Day: February 8

Logo designed by Kervia Sorhaindo, Dominique John Phillip and Amala L. J. Sorhaindo.

Biography of St. Bakhita

The central Cross- is the central focus and it shows the saint's faith in Christ, it is a resurrection cross directing us to both the death and resurrection of Christ , His victory over death and ultimately our salvation. It depicts the saint's ultimate service to God and her fellow man, a dying to self and rising in Christianity.

The butterfly- is symbol of the divine female, spiritual growth, transformation, transcendence, the soul. It makes us think of the saint' s life as she overcame her bondage and transcended her many challenges to become selfless, a model spiritual leader. Her soul was never crushed and remained free as she in Christ freed both her body, mind and soul.

African cloth- portrays her African Sudanese heritage that gave her sustenance , strength and identity as a person

Broken chain- slavery  that she overcame. A reminder of her many wounds and bondage, that never daunted her in her quest for freedom

Purple- color of victory, royalty reminding us that we are all sons and daughters of a King

Color gold- depicting wealth , spiritual richness and the saint's Italian culture which she adopted when she came to Europe and which became her home. The richness of her Catholic faith.

House Song for St. Bakhita

Music by Amanda Lawrence & Lyrics by Daria Mitchell Sorhaindo


St Bakhita, Mother Moretta

You are Holy, Prega per noi (Italian for Pray for us)


Physically broken, heart awoken

Child of grace, whose born of black race

Victim never, freed forever

Guide us forward, mother royal!



Daughter taken, never forsaken,

Sister gentle, always our mantle

Mother chaste, never in haste

Woman wise, help us to rise!



St. Bakhita, Mother Moretta,

Teach us Patience, teach us Love.

To help our brother; to help our sister

To stride in Faith and with Dignity!


St. Bakhita , Mother Moretta,

You are Holy, Prega per noi!