School-Parent Communication


Letters to Parents

Currently the main media used for school/teacher to parent communication is email.

Calendar of Events

All school wide events are published on the school's calendar which the students have direct access too.  Plarents can view the calendar on this website.

Permission Slips

CHS requires parents/guardians to authorize student participation in additional classes, or extra and co-curricula activites.  Authorization is usually done with a permission slip.  Permission slips are either issued from the office, group coordinator (a teacher) or placed on the school's website for download. 


CHS will attempt to contact parents/guardians using the following phone numbers:


Please save those numbers so you may associate CHS with a missed call.  A call from CHS may come from any of several offices, so when you return a call, please identify yourself and your daughter/ward (the student) so that your call may be better redirected.  CHS does not receive SMS (text) messages on the 616 numbers.


Parents are expected to provided the school with email addresses to be able to recieve notices.  E-mail may come from the CHS Messaging System <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> or any teacher or office; from a <user>  Do not reply to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.--CHS will never get that message.  Please check your junk mail and apply the appropriate settings to your email client to prevent our mail from being treated as Spam and Junk.  Additionally, "Letters to Parents" and other messages are sent to all students at their CHS issued email accounts.

On becoming a CHS student, each student is provided with a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Account.  The email application of GAFE, gmail, is used for inter-school communication.  Students can communicate with teachers and other students with gmail and other GAFE services.  Letters and notices to parents are usually sent to students as well.  Students are expected to inform and remind parents of notices and upcoming events.

Parent/Student Site

The Parent/Student Site will provide updated information on:

  1. Student attendance, both Late and Absent
  2. Section of the teachers' gradebook.
  3. Statement of Fees

The Parent/Student Site, a component of the Student Information System (SIS), is in constant development and from time to time features may be added or removed.  This guide below attempts to assist parents with interpreting the information displayed on the Parent/Student Site.
Convent High School (CHS) is not able to provide one-on-one support or help for accessing the Parent/Student Site of the SIS by email, telephone, fax etc...  We simply do not have the resources to respond to every individual request.  In manageable groups, students are instructed on the use of the SIS and are issued a Student Number and a Password.  Parents should obtain those from the students and keep them in a safe place.  CHS will not issue student number and password over the phone.  There is a cost for retrieving a lost password.
The information on the SIS is based on the data entered by CHS staff.  If you have any question or need to query student marks, attendance or fees, please first do so through the student.  Allow the student to clarify the entry, or to get the information from the teacher or office.  This method usually allows a teacher to apprise the class as a group which is more efficient than individual conferences with parents.

Accessing the SIS

1. Go to the website
2. Read the Announcements.
3. Click Log In and enter the student number and password issued to your daughter/ward.
4. At a successful login, click on the link [Parent Main] which will take you back to the home/main page of the Parent/Student Site.  From there you may select any one of; View Attendance and Gradebook, View Fees, View Homework.

Guide to the Parent/Student Site


CHS used different media to communicate with parents and students.  We anticipate parents and students visiting the Parent/Student Site at least once a week so while the announcement items may not be urgent, they are of significant importance and should be read.


You do not have to be logged in to access the Homework System.  The homework system is very much in development and not used at this time.


You may refer to Attendance (General Note) to assist with interpreting the attendance entries.

Start Date is the opening date of school.
Ending Date is the current date.
Schools Days is the number of open days/school days between the Start Date and now, the Ending Date.

On the date 2012-09-13 (September 13, 2012), the student was absent for 3 of the 11 periods.  

Of the 3 periods absent (see Attendance by Days), 1 was Chemistry and 2 were Physical Education


The data here was fabricated for demonstration purposes.
Do not attempt to calculate the average mark by summing all assessments then dividing by the number of assessments--you will most likely get an incorrect value.  All the assessments are weighted relative to each other.  A weight of 2.00X will be worth twice as much as 1.00X and four times as much as 0.5X.  Further explanation of the concept of weighting is beyond the scope of this guide.

The rows have been numbered for better reference.

Row 1:
Shows the Subject description and code.

Row 2:
Column labels: Assessment, Weight and Score

Row 3:
Assessment Item details and marks
Eval16 - Evaluation 1 (term1) 6 (sixth in the list).
"Test on Irregular ....":  Description of assessment item
Weight:  Not shown here.  This weight multiplier compares the assessments to each other. 
Score:  Shows the percent value which is usually easier to interpret than the fraction. here the student obtained 43 marks out of a maximum of 65 marks which equates to 66.2%. (66.2/100)

Row 5:
No mark assigned (x/10).  This assessment does not affect the student's average

Row 6:
Comment on above assessment Eval14.

Row 8:
Student obtained 0 marks out of a maximum of 15 marks (0/15).  This results in 0.0%.

Row 9:
Though 0.0% is displayed, no mark has been assigned and this assessment does not affect the student's average.  The assessment has been created but the teacher has not yet entered the marks.

Row 10:
Group footer.  All assessment items above are part of this Group -- Term 1.  CHS uses five groups: Exam 1, Exam 2, Term 1, Term 2, Term 3.

View Fees

The View Fees button will show the invoice/statement of fees.  Parents are advised to use this feature to check their financial status with the school and ensure their fees are paid in due time to prevent any inconvenience, like withheld report cards.  

Here is a simple guide to help you interpret what you may see when you click the 'View Fees' button.

[ Main ]
View Fees

Id - Transaction Id

Date of transaction.
CHS rolls over into the new year about the second week in July, soon after registration.  Any transaction before that date (in the example 2011-07-12), would be for the previous school year.  The display of fees on the Parent/Student Site may be limited to transactions for the current year only.

Type of transaction
chg - Charge/Fee by CHS
roa - Payment - Received on Account.  (This is the transaction type when there is a payment on account; not attached to any particular charge)
pay - Payment - Full payment of a particular charge(s).

Name and Description provide details of the fees and payments

Amount - Amount associated with a transaction.  A positive amount refers to a fee charged.  A negative (-) amount (eg: -210.00 enclosed in blue ellipse) would indicate a payment you made to CHS.

Paid Id and Receipt numbers appear when a charge is fully paid.
The Id (first column) of the payment will match the Paid_Id of the payment and the associated Charge(s).
The Receipt number will match for the payment and corresponding charge(s)
Refer to Transactions with Id 2256 and 3290 to make some sense of this note.

Balance - balance due to CHS.  A negative (-) balance would indicate an overpayment.  This usually occurs when a payment is made before the charges (fees) are entered.

Log Out

There is no Log Out or Log Off button the Parent/Student Site.  To securely log out of the site you need to close the browser.

Report Card (End of term Report to Parents)

The End of Term Report to Parents will include, in an envelope, a Receipt of Report/Comment Slip and a report of the student's marks and attendance.

The envelopes will be reused for subsequent terms within the school year.  There will be a replacement cost of $5.00 for any envelope lost, damaged or rendered unusable

The Receipt of Report/Comment Slip and envelope must be returned to the school on the first day of the following term.  In the case of term 3, only if there any questions, comments or queries, the Receipt of Report/Comment Slip must be returned  within 14 days of the date of issue of the term 3 report; it is not necessary to return the slip at the end of term 3 if there are no issues to be resolved.

Reading the Report to Parents

Here are a few notes that will assist you in interpreting the Report to Parents (Report Card).  Information here refers to parts of the report that may not appear self explanatory.

Subject Block


Marks are the mean average of the assessments of the period indicated; Term 1, Exam 1 etc...

Absent Unexcused Information

  • 5 Late Unexcused = 1 Absent Unexcused.
  • Absent 6.2 Period(s) in the example above could mean 6 periods absent and 1 time late (1/5 = 0.2) or 31 times late or another combination of late and absent (Unexcused). 
    Attendance details are available on the Parent/Student Site of the Student information System.
  • Comments are those of the subject teacher.  Additional comments at the end of the report are those of the Homeroom teacher(s).

Work Ethics Evaluations:  (Class Preparation, Effort, Participation, and Behaviour)

  • See Work Ethics for details. (may open in a new browser tab or window)

Average / Rank / Grade / Demerit Block

  • Average is the unweighted average (arithmetic mean) of all the subjects, i.e. all subjects are equally weighted.
  • Rank indicates academic position/rank in class.  As of 2013-2014 school year, the Rank is no longer included on the report to parents.
  • Grade uses the scale (I, II, III, P, U).  See Grade Scales for details. (may open in a new browser tab or window)

Attendance Block

  • Days Open represents the days with scheduled classes.
  • Days Enrolled refer to the number of days the student is enrolled at the school.  This may not differ from days open unless if the student transfers after the school year begins or ends.
  • Days Absent refer to both Excused and Unexcused Absent.  As long as the student is not at the scheduled class, she is absent.  0.27 days absent for October, in the example, would mean 3 periods absent; see Attendance (General Note).
  • Periods Late though would mainly imply days late (Assembly period/Period 1); however, includes late to class as well.
    Attendance details are available on the Student/Parent Site of the Student information System.
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