Parent Teachers' Association

Published: Wednesday, 17 October 2007 Written by Michael Peters



2018 - 2019 PTA Executive

Role Name
President Kathe Robinson
Vice-President Isabella Prentice
Secretary Deborah Harris
Treasurer Lisa Valmond
Assistant Secretary / Treasurer Cee-Ann Lafond
PRO Angelita Dover
Teacher Representative Ashana Attidore-Joseph
Member Tamara Adams
Member Avril Coipel
Member Louis Coipel
Member Harmonie Emanuel
Member Joseph Floissac
Member Sherma John
Member Deanna Noel
Member Jeffers Paul
Member Sharon Rolle
Member Gail St. Cyr
Member Lydia Talbot


The PTA Constitution and Minutes of the PTA Annual General Meetings can be found in the Minutes of Meetings Download category.

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