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Convent High School (CHS) is an all girls catholic school aiming to provide a learning and caring community for all staff and students. We welcome all girls, however, we ask that you review our policies and fee structure to get an idea of your choice in becoming a CHS student.

Becoming a Convent High School (CHS) student begins with an application, and when accepted, registration.  If you have applied to be a student at CHS, note the sequence and associated dates when they are published:

  1. Application
  2. Registration
  3. Orientation

Registration for the new school year is usually held within the first two weeks of July.  Most students enter CHS from the Grade Six of Primary Schools; however, occasionally we have transfers from other high schools, both locally and internationally.

Before you consider CHS please learn a bit about your prospective school by visiting the CHS website and reading About CHS and the school Policies; expecially Acceptable Use, Assessment, Attendance, Behaviour, Dress Code and Fees and due dates (see New Student Section)


Coming from Grade Six (Same Zone)

After writing the GSNA exams, in a format directed by the Ministry of Education, students apply to their preferred secondary schools.  Application forms are issued by your primary school.  (Your primary school will inform you of how to apply.)

Coming from Grade Six (Out-of-Zone)

Consult your primary school authorities (principal and secretary etc..) or the Ministry of Education for details on transferring to a different zone.

Coming from another High School

Consult your secondary school authorities (principal and secretary etc..) or the Ministry of Education on transferring to a different High School.

Coming from Out of State

Contact CHS by phone or email.  Click here for contact information

Application Sequence

The application form is issued to the students at the primary school when the Grade Six National Assessment (GSNA) results are published.

  1. Complete the Application Form indicating preferred choices of high schools and leave the form at your primary school.
    An incomplete application form may be rejected by the high school.
    Besides student name, please ensure that the following are provided:
    1. Contact information for the parent(s),
    2. Religion/Religious denomination of student
    3. Grade Six National Assessment scores.
  2. The Primary School submits forms to the Ministry of Education
  3. The Ministry of Education packages the forms in the groups of first choice of high school and delivers to the high schools
  4. The high school makes selections from the submitted applications.
  5. The high school returns the application forms of the students not selected to the Ministry of Education and informs the Ministry of Education of its selections.
  6. The Ministry of Education delivers the application forms to the second and third choice schools
  7. The Ministry of Education advises the high schools when to publish their accepted list
  8. CHS publishes its accepted list on the bulletin boards at the school and on the school's website.


A list of the accepted students is published on the CHS website along with the dates:

Registration Sequence

Registration Open:  Only on that date, and time, will the Registration Form be available.  Please read Registration Form Details below to have a better idea of the requirements at registration.

Registration Closed: Registration forms will not be accessible after this date and time.  Late registration, if possible, will attract a Late Registration Fee.

Orientation Date: Orientation for parents and students. Parent(s) MUST come to this orientation meeting and bring along the student.

Additional Documents

The registration form is web-based and must be completed online, printed, and submitted to CHS.  Here is a list of some of the other items and documents that must be submitted with the registration form.

  • A copy of the student's birth certificate to verify student name and parents' names.  This copy will not be returned and we are not able to duplicate (photo copy).  CHS will accept either the original or a copy.  If you are submitting a copy, bring along the original for verification.
  • Other documents indicating parent(s)/guardian(s) if those are different from the names on the birth certificate.
  • Medical note or report to support any special request for the student not to participate in standard school and class activities, or request for special seating arrangement.
  • Payment (The registration form will not be received by the CHS office without Payment).  See the Payment Options for New Students on the Fees page for more information.

Registration Form Details

The registration form is web based and only available during the registration period.  Here is the information requested.  Please read about the information required for registration and ensure you are aware and able to provide this informatin when completing the registration form.

 All items in red are required

Student Information

The names should be the same as on the birth certificate you will be submitting along with the registration form.

  • Last Name (Surname) as on birth certificate
  • First name as on birth certificate
  • Middle initial(s) as on birth certificate
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality.
    Primary Citizenship.  The nationality you select must match the birth certificate you provide or additional documentation must be submitted.
  • Student email (optional)
  • Previous school attended
  • Religion/Denomination
  • House

Address Information

The address provided here is expected to be the address of Parent/Guardian 1 as the student is assumed to live with Parent/Guardian 1.

Parents/Guardians Information

  • Parents/Guardians refer to the persons legally responsible for the student; the persons collecting the report cards, signing consent forms and late and absent excuses, attending meetings and receiving communication from the school with regards to the student.
  • The Parents/Guardians indicated here are the only persons with which CHS will transact on behalf of the student. 
  • CHS assumes that the student lives with Parent/Guardian 1 and the address provided for the student is that of Parent/Guardian 1.
  • Any Parent/Guardian indicated here must be an adult (age 18 or older)
  • CHS reserves the right to request documentation to validate the parents/guardians

Information required for Parent(s)

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Relationship to student
  • Phone 1 (fixed or mobile)
  • Phone 2 (fixed or mobile)
  • email address.
    Do not give your work email address.  In most cases your work email address was not setup to receive email from your daughter's school, and your System Administrator may eventually block our email.
  • Workplace.
    We ask for workplace so we have an idea where we are calling, and can call with confidence.
  • Work phone.

Emergency Contact Information

  • (PROVIDE ONLY IF DIFFERENT to the Parent/Guardian 1 or 2).
  • In the case of an emergency, CHS will attempt to contact Parent 1, then Parent 2, then the Emergency Contact.
  • An appropriate emergency contact is someone that is located near to CHS, mobile, and can quickly respond in the case of emergency.
  • The Emergency Contact indicated here must be an adult (age 18 or older)
  • CHS reserves the right to request documentation to validate the Emergency Contact.

Information Requested

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Relationship to student.
  • Phone 1 (fixed or mobile)
  • Phone 2 (fixed or mobile)
  • Employer/Workplace
    We ask for workplace so we have an idea where we are calling, and can call with confidence.
  • Work phone

Medical/Health Information

This information is required only if the medical condition(s) will affect the student's mobility, class participation, performing class or school duties, or seating position in the classroom. A medical certificate from a doctor may be required.
The Doctor contact information is required ONLY if CHS will need to contact the doctor in an emergency

  • Doctor's name
  • Doctor's phone
  • Medical Condition/Allergies

Medical categories

The medical categories used by CHS are listed here.

  • Allergies
  • Auditory
  • Breathing and Respiratory
  • Circulatory and Immune System
  • Muscle and Bone
  • Neurological
  • Psychological
  • Vision
  • Other

If your daughter has multiple medical conditions and allergies falling under different categories, attach this additional information to the registration form.  If there are any other issues that may affect the student's performance at school, that you would prefer keep confidential, attach a confidential note to the registration form; address to:

The Principal
Convent High School
P. O. Box 409

Legal Father and Mother Information

  • The Father and Mother may be the biological parents, adopted parents or otherwise legal parents , as indicated on the birth certificate or other legal document..
  • The Father and Mother may be the same as or different to the Parents/Guardians specified above.

This information is required for both the Father and Mother

  • Surname
  • First name


The Registration form will not be accepted if the Parent(s) do not accept the agreements.

Search Agreement

I/We the Parent(s)/Guardian(s), indicated as Parent 1 and Parent 2 in this registration form, responsible for the above mentioned pupil, newly admitted to the Convent High School, hereby give my/our consent to allow the school or any person as the Ministry of Education authorises to search the student so as to prevent the entry of harmful substances and weapons of any kind to the school or school premises.

Rules Agreement

I/We the Parent(s)/Guardian(s), indicated as Parent 1 and Parent 2 in this registration form, responsible for the above mentioned pupil, newly admitted to the Convent High School, agree to abide by the school rules and to conform to all regulations of the school.  I/We also agree to ensure that the above mentioned pupil, newly admitted to the Convent High School, will abide by the school rules and to conform to all regulations of the school.

Parent/Guardian Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Agreement

I have read the school’s Computer, Electronic Communications System, Network Access Acceptable Use Policy.  In consideration for the privilege of my daughter/ward using the school’s electronic communications system, and in consideration for having access to the school’s network, I hereby release the Convent High School, its operators and any institutions with which they are affiliated from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my daughter’s/ward’s use of, or inability to use, the system, including, without limitation, the type of damage identified in the school’s policy and other school rules.

Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Agreement

I understand that my computer use at the Convent High School is not private and that the School will monitor activity on the computer system.  I have read the school’s Computer, Electronic Communications System, Network Access Acceptable Use Policy and other school rules and agree to abide by their provisions.  I understand that violation of these provisions may result in the suspension or revocation of system access.

Truth Agreement

I/We the Parent(s)/Guardian(s), indicated as Parent 1 and Parent 2 in this registration form, hereby declare that all the information given here is true and correct.

Registration Form Errors

Quite a bit of information is requested at registration and errors are often made while completing the registration form.  Please double-check your entries for email and phone numbers.  Ensure the phone numbers you provide are active and will not block the CHS numbers.


Parent-Student Orientation

Parent-Student Orientation takes place soon after registration.  At this orientation meeting parents and students get the opportunity for a better understanding of the school policies, rules and guidelines, dos and don'ts, display of uniforms and brief introductions to other aspects of CHS.  Students are issued the booklists and other material provided by the school.  Students may get fitted for the sports uniform at this orientation.

Classroom Orientation

Classroom Orientation takes place during the first cycle/week of the school year (CHS uses a Mon-Fri cycle).  Students get introduced to the school and all its facilities, receive timetable, access their Google Apps for Education accounts, take photos for identification on the Student Information System (SIS), receive sports uniform and meet staff.



Parishes and their Cities/Towns/Villages

Map of Dominica showing parishesSt. Andrew
Ambas, Anse-de-Mai, Bellemaniere, Bense, Blenheim, Calibishie, Caribe-Penville, Concord, Coton, Delafond, Demetrie, Dos D'ane, Hampstead, L'Autre Bord, La Haut, La Paille, Londonderry, Marigot, Moore Park, Penville, Paix Bouche, Thibaud, Tobino, Vielle Case, Wesley, Woodford Hill
St. David
Atkinson, Bataca, Carib Territory, Castle Bruce, Crayfish River, Dix-Pas, Fond Mel, Gaulette River, Good Hope, Grand Fond, Monkey Hill, Mopo, Morne Jaune, Petite Soufriere, Riviere Cyrique, Rosalie, Salybia, San Sauver, Sineku, Tranto
St. George
Bath Estate, Beau Bois, Bellevue Chopin, Bellevue Rawle, Castle Comfort, Citronier, Copt Hall, Eggleston, Elmshall, Everton Estate, Fatima, Fond Baron, Fond Canie, Fond Cole, Fortune, Giraudel, Glasgow, Gomier, Goodwill, Gutter Village, Kingshill, Laudat, Loubiere, Louisville, Madrelle, Melville Battery, Morne Bruce, Morne Prosper, Newtown, Pottersville, Ridgefield, Roseau, Savanne Park, Shawford, Silver Lake, Simon Bolivar Housing Scheme, St. Aroment, Stock Farm, Tarish Pit, Trafalgar, Wall House, Wotten Waven, Yam Piece
St. John
Bourne, Capuchin, Clifton, Cocoyer, Cottage, Derriere La Rosine, Glanvillia, Lagoon, One Mile, Picard, Portsmouth, Savanne Paille, Tantan, Toucarie
St. Joseph
Belles, Coulibistrie, Grande Savannah, Grande Savanne, Hillsborough, Layou, Layou Valley, Macoucherie, Mero, Morne Rachette, Salisbury, St. Joseph
St. Luke
Pointe Michel
St. Mark
Gallion, Grande Ravine, Scotts Head, Soufriere
St. Patrick
Bagatelle, Boetica, Caribe, Delices, Dubique, Fond St. Jean, Grand Bay, Grand Coulibrie, La Plaine, La Roche, La Ronde, Montine, Petite Savanne, Pichelin, Point Caribe, Pointe Mulatre, Powell, Stowe, Tete Morne, Victoria
St. Paul
Campbell, Belfast, Canefield , Check Hall, Cochrane, Green Hill Estate, Jimmit, Mahaut, Massacre, Morne Daniel, Pond Casse, Popo, River Estate, Roger, Sherwood, Springfield, Sylvania, Tarreau, Warner
St. Peter
Anse-a-Liane, Bioche, Colihaut, Dublanc


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