A Poem to My Alma Mater--CHS

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Wednesday, 30 January 2008 Written by Justina V. John (Past student)
Congratulations to the Convent High School on its 150th Anniversary.  I am proud to be part of this prestigious institution which impacted on my life.  As a poet one of my first poems was written in the yard of the CHS.

This poem 'My Alma Mater' is dedicated to the school on this special occasion.


For so many years you have stood
Against all odds and against all moods
A tower of strength, a tower of light,
Foundation of character, foundation for life.

So many folks through your doors have passed
To build that character which sure should last,
But with reality of life, we all should know,
That not all our folks this fact would show.

You are proud to show the fruits you produced,
Those folks who have moved on with knowledge to use.
Teachers and doctors, housewives and clerks,
Lawyers and religious, all to the task.

One hundred and fifty years seems a long time,
To maintain the standards that you have set.
But over the years you sure did shine,
From the results you have achieved above all the rest.

To those in the fold I here to them say,
Let the changes you make continue the way,
To reap the benefits for our CHS,
And when it’s all done, you’ll proudly say “YES”.

Justina V. John.                        January, 2008
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