Exploring our Career choice - Career Day 2016

Last Updated: Saturday, 18 June 2016 Published: Saturday, 18 June 2016 Written by Sergeline Michel

career16May 5th was marked as a memorable day for us, CHS third formers.  We simulated the careers we aspire to achieve, in grand style!

We started third term by exploring our careers and  finding our true passion.
Every H.F.L.E class our teacher, Mrs. Williams, would bring a motivational speaker to enlighten us about their career and how they made their mark in the world.  They basically told us that we should choose our career because we are passionate about it, not because our friends have chosen a particular career.  Before the big day arrived, we organised ourselves into groups based on our  various careers.  We discussed our plans carefully, for we knew we would be graded and failure was not on our radar.

Ultimately, on May 5th, the third form students executed assembly, which held the theme "Setting priorities: Getting beyond the storm."  The assembly culminated with an inspirational speech by Mr. Maximea, an educational officer,  who expounded on our theme by motivating us to set goals for ourselves.  He did so by using the example of a race.  For example, he gave this command to the entire school body: " Ready, Set, Go!" But nobody moved.  This analogy showed us that we can only move forward, in life, if we are mindful of our goals, our destination.  He also used the example of an egg to demonstrate to us that we should be willing to open up ourselves to greater things, set our priorities straight, do the unexpected, be ready to come out of our shells and hold firmly onto the career we desire to achieve.  The school burst into shouts and applause when Mr. Maximea ended his speech.  Truly, his words of encouragement and wisdom left a mark in the hearts and minds of everyone, particularly the third formers who had been exploring their career choices for the term.

The day went by smoothly.  We visited each other's work area and asked about each other's career.  Booths were beautifully decorated and represented every career.  For example, the cosmetology booth set off a relaxing atmosphere, with soothing music in the background and 'beauticians', dolled up in dashiki skirts, pampering curious onlookers.  An experience that many in the real world may be yearning for! In addition, the lawyer's firm painted the picture of an actual courtroom scene as there were paraphernalia like a gavel, a judge's bench and a jury box.  These booths showed the passion and commitment we as students placed in making sure everything was a success.  Teachers, students of the school, as well as parents, crowded the different work stations, asking questions or simply delighting in the things observed.  It is worth noting that these stations were judged by selected teachers.  The highlight of the day was the fashion show which displayed the third form students, professionally attired in clothes depicting their careers.  It was indeed the most memorable day of high school for us.

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