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My Special Box

Author: Megan Luke

Do you have a special box? I'm sure you'll say yes, a box that is hidden, concealed from the eyes of the curious. I have a special box, my most prized and treasured possession which is open to only my thoughts and wondering mind.

This box unlike any other is not squared or rectangular but flexible in its shape, to accommodate the wealth of importance that goes into it. It is not drab looking but rather opulently beautiful, embellished with jewels and pearls and entirely rainbow colored. My special box is certainly not an eyesore but rather a splendid sight to feast your eyes upon. The box's lid is shaped weirdly, a shape unknown and undiscovered by man but attractive nonetheless. At the center of the lid is a clean, sparkly mirror that shines and blinds when the light of the sun strikes against it.

Additionally, what would be the worth of my special box if it did not have a purpose. My box although, not ordinary is a carrier like any other box. This box is my keeper, my most loyal and trustworthy friend. My special box is not a whisperer of secrets but rather a keeper of my secrets, all the secrets that I've conjured up in my short life thus far.

Conclusively everyone has a special box but mine may be more special than others. It is no ordinary box. It is a box of my secrets, my heart.

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