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Last Updated: Monday, 25 April 2016 Published: Monday, 25 April 2016 Written by Odessa Elie

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My Hair

Author: Chesedah Pacquette

This thing, this rude, hairy little thing has no patience, no tolerance, no mercy at all. She is such a diva; so spoiled like like bratt. She will make your brain twitch, your head itch and even your skin crawl. This is like a mysterious little princess..

To begin she is bold and puffy like a lion in its pride, yet she is so skinny and fragile as a feather. One look at her and you’re in love. Everyone wants a piece of her. She is so glossy and shiny after her bath. It’s like Cupid and Aphrodite had a baby and well it was her. She has a length of two pencils, and she is lean and angelic.

Furthermore, did you know that her favourite thing is to flow and glide in the wind?

When I prep her and dress her up she makes me look my best. With a brush here and a brush there she's my favourite attribute to my look. I love to play with her and style her up because she gives me gloss.

To conclude I bid farewell to you my audience as my best friend and I have an appointment. I have to keep her smelling fresh and smelling good or else she will make my head itch, my brain twitch then make my skin crawl. As you know after all she has no patience, no tolerance, no mercy at all.

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