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On Monday 25th April 2016, the Convent High School celebrated Literacy Day. There was a special assembly followed by presentations from the CHS Drama Circle. Backdrops of the form three Literature students were hung around the school and posters were placed on the bulletin boards. The students of Form 3-3 have shared some of their descriptive compositions as part of our Literacy Day celebrations.


The Hospital

Author: Diyanni Baron

I remember entering through the doors, made from a glass-like plastic with white handles, always open.The smell of disinfectant hit me as soon as I enter. This is a place where all people are in need of help, due to their lack of health;  a place where all sharp tools and bags of dark, red, blood are located.The red and blue chairs are infected with the germs of their previous owner.. It is so loud due to constant chatter and bickering ; coughing and crying. Yet it is so quiet, muting out all sounds and focusing on the depression and frustration on the faces of most people.

My Hair

Author: Chesedah Pacquette

This thing, this rude, hairy little thing has no patience, no tolerance, no mercy at all. She is such a diva; so spoiled like like bratt. She will make your brain twitch, your head itch and even your skin crawl. This is like a mysterious little princess..

To begin she is bold and puffy like a lion in its pride, yet she is so skinny and fragile as a feather. One look at her and you’re in love. Everyone wants a piece of her. She is so glossy and shiny after her bath. It’s like Cupid and Aphrodite had a baby and well it was her. She has a length of two pencils, and she is lean and angelic.

Furthermore, did you know that her favourite thing is to flow and glide in the wind?

When I prep her and dress her up she makes me look my best. With a brush here and a brush there she's my favourite attribute to my look. I love to play with her and style her up because she gives me gloss.

To conclude I bid farewell to you my audience as my best friend and I have an appointment. I have to keep her smelling fresh and smelling good or else she will make my head itch, my brain twitch then make my skin crawl. As you know after all she has no patience, no tolerance, no mercy at all.

The Place I Hate The Most

Author: Yasmine Pascal

There is one place I absolutely hate, a place I wish to tear to pieces, a place where goals and ambitions, happiness and joy come to die, and all misery and pain thrive. The two storey building stood there high and mighty, intimidating all with its gray brick walls. If only those walls could speak, they will tell you about the horrendous times they hear the poor prisoners' scream for mercy and the wardens laughing at their demise. Those rusted iron gates surround the area with no way to escape.Those poor prisoners slaved away for hours on end, until the bell rang and lunch time came. They lined up to fill their empty bellies and were served with green mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese with pieces of hair and even worms baked with it and a piece of chicken still dripping in blood.This is a horrid place, a place I wish to never go back. This place has been called many names: prison, hell and the most common: school.

My Special Box

Author: Megan Luke

Do you have a special box? I'm sure you'll say yes, a box that is hidden, concealed from the eyes of the curious. I have a special box, my most prized and treasured possession which is open to only my thoughts and wondering mind.

This box unlike any other is not squared or rectangular but flexible in its shape, to accommodate the wealth of importance that goes into it. It is not drab looking but rather opulently beautiful, embellished with jewels and pearls and entirely rainbow colored. My special box is certainly not an eyesore but rather a splendid sight to feast your eyes upon. The box's lid is shaped weirdly, a shape unknown and undiscovered by man but attractive nonetheless. At the center of the lid is a clean, sparkly mirror that shines and blinds when the light of the sun strikes against it.

Additionally, what would be the worth of my special box if it did not have a purpose. My box although, not ordinary is a carrier like any other box. This box is my keeper, my most loyal and trustworthy friend. My special box is not a whisperer of secrets but rather a keeper of my secrets, all the secrets that I've conjured up in my short life thus far.

Conclusively everyone has a special box but mine may be more special than others. It is no ordinary box. It is a box of my secrets, my heart.

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