Change The Plan, Never The Goal

Last Updated: Thursday, 16 July 2015 Published: Thursday, 16 July 2015 Written by Cheyenne-Zoë Dewhurst

On June 26, 2015, the Convent High School Communications Club held an Old Hollywood Banquet under the theme “Change the Plan, Never the Goal”.   The dashing event catered to fifty persons (50) and took place in the school's auditorium.  The Featured Speaker, Mr. Phoenix Belfield of the Toast Mater's Club of Dominica urged all to stop letting themselves be limited by concrete goals.  In his address, he asked for us to consider the common belief that: “You will never get anywhere unless you know where you are going”.
Ms. Natasha Nation was our gracious Mistress of Ceremony.  The Vice President, Selena Cuffy welcomed the invited guests, followed by Marie-Ange Emanuel who presented her President's Report which highlighted the achievements and activities of the Club throughout the school year.  

The CHS Communications Club members of the Graduating Class 2015 were honoured with Awards and Certificates for their commitment and hard work for the club throughout their years at CHS. Three teachers, Ms. Terri Douglas, Mr. Jovan Peter and Mr. Kevin Angol were also recognised for their contributions towards to club throughout the school year. Kyra Richards made a toast before the guests enjoyed the superb and delicious dinner buffet provided by their ever supportive parents. At the end of the night Cheyenne-Zoë Dewhurst won the prize for the 'Best Person to fit the Old Hollywood Theme'.
Numerous photographs were taken 'Red Carpet' style, a fashionable treat very fitting with this year's theme.  In general, the Old Hollywood Banquet was one of gladness, glee and glam.  The CHS Administration, the CHS English Department, parents/guardians of the members of Communications Club and the aptly named 'Tellionaire', the Toast Master Phoenix Belfield, must be recognized for their assistance and guidance for another successful CHS Communications Club Banquet.

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President's Report

by Marie-Ange Emauel

Principal, Mrs. Dublin, Vice principals Miss Prentice and Mr. McAulay, our featured speaker, Mr. Phoenix Belfield, past Advisor Miss Kimone Joseph, other invited guests, winners of our first ever Intra-School Essay Competition, teachers, our photographer and fellow members of the Communications Club, good evening.

I begin by saying that the Convent High School Communications Club is nothing short of a tight knit family.  In the academic year 2014-2015, our most recent grandaunts were the big sisters always eager to offer advice or moral support although demands at school often pulled them away from us.  Mrs Sorhaindo, Miss Jeffrey, Miss Alexander and Miss Elie were mothers who maintained stability and issued love.  Their beneficial assistance, inspirational words and willingness to share their expertise, undoubtedly reassured us that their passion for this club knows no bounds.

With such professional guidance, the club was able to secure modest success this academic year.  I am proud to announce that Ishita Dhiman and Zinielle Vital obtained third place in the Rotract Club Quiz Competition, Selena Cuffy placed third in the Kiwanis Club of Roseau Speech Competition and Savahnn James secured second place in the Tourism Youth Congress.  Surely, I would be able to convey to you additional achievements if the results of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Essay, the Queen's Commonwealth Essay and the OECS ECCB Essay were ready and released, as we remain confident in our entries.  It is with great sadness that I relay that the highly anticipated, familiar Kiwanis Club of Roseau Secondary School Debate was not held this last academic year.  But, fear not, for next year's participants will make the school so proud that the competition's absence this year will not even be remembered.

Apart from competitions, the club hosted its own activities this past school year.  Primarily, the club's teachers facilitated training programs in writing, speaking, and debating to ensure sound understanding of and competence in these areas before competing.  Additionally, the club planned and executed the annual Literacy Day assembly along with the Convent High School English Department, which turned out to be a very festive affair.  It was also this year the club decided to visually display the identity we have always known but perhaps the rest of the school did not.  We now possess club shirts and badges that impart pride and confidence; two indispensable traits.

Moreover, our primary fundraisers were bake sales, an activity which exhibited the true spirit of teamwork and togetherness as all members put in their best efforts to achieve a common goal.  Finally, we launched the first ever Communications Club Intra School Essay Competition sponsored by private institutions Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank (AID Bank) and Big Edge Financial.  Their generosity was great, and for this we are thankful. The club considered this venture to have been a successful one as many high-quality essays were entered.  I congratulate Serena Maxwell for winning the junior segment of the competition, Shelise Bell for winning the intermediate and Inoela Vital for winning the senior.

My friends, the Communications Club has great potential and I want you to see it too.  I implore that you support and trust our journey for your motivation could be the determining factor in our success at competitions and other events.  Fellow Com Club girls, in the next academic year, I encourage you to continue being willing and dedicated.  The school has entrusted us with many competitive and self-developing academic opportunities and it is willingness and dedication that will drive us to making the best out of them.  Overall, with a joy in my heart I can proclaim that the academic year 2014 to 2015 was a fruitful one.  Let us join forces so next year we can be even prouder of ourselves for the accomplishments we would have worked tirelessly for and achieved.

Thank you and may God bless you always.

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