Environmental Club - 2015 Project 1

Last Updated: Friday, 06 February 2015 Published: Thursday, 29 January 2015 Written by Tarrie Anselm

Saturday 17th January- The Environmental Club, under the leadership of Ms. Jno Baptiste and  Ms. Alexander, gathered in huge numbers early Saturday morning on the Convent High School grounds to commence their first project for the year, 2015. Rubber tyres were kindly donated by D-Treads and two cans of red and green paint were received from Harris Paints for this project. Also, the club accepted generous contributions of soil from the Forestry Division and flowers from Mrs. Fabien for this green movement, as we like to refer to it.

The students carefully and strategically painted the tyres and placed them around the centred tree on the back courtyard where their work could be properly displayed and appreciated.

The green tyres represent our trees, natural vegetation and our need to conserve it. Whereas, the red tires evoke feelings of danger and caution. Danger and caution that will arise if the environment is not taken care of in the right way; a contrast between the green and the red. Green is seen as the positivity in which we should conserve our trees and red as the consequence we will face if we don’t.

The tyres were uniformly filled with soil and the different flowers were planted in each. The students did not fail to make this experience an enjoyable one but at the same time carrying out the serious message which this project planned to convey:

“Plant a Tree, Green the Earth, Clean the Air, Live Happily”

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