CHS Places First in Recycling Project

Last Updated: Friday, 28 November 2014 Published: Wednesday, 26 November 2014 Written by Josephine Dublin

Convent High School Places First In The Telephone Directories Recycling Project

Thanks to our 13 participants, Convent High School collected 2094 used directories to obtain First Place in this project jointly sponsored by the Caribbean Yellow Pages and the Dominica Solid Waste Management (DSWM).

Darcie Simeon of Form 3-4 emerged the overall winner from participants of seven secondary schools, with her submission of 819 directories; while Aliyah Breedy placed third overall with 393 used directories.

The other contributors to our winning total are:

  • Maria Malcolm (Form 1-3) - 211
  • Gabriell Mendes (Form 1-4) - 135
  • Chelsea Bertrand (Form 2-2) - 111
  • Alexia Ducreay (Form 4-C) - 108
  • Cheddis Joseph (Form 5-B) - 98
  • Zinielle Vital (Form 2-4) - 57
  • Karlene Louis (Form 5-C) - 50
  • Angelen Dover (Form 1-3) - 49
  • Selena Pacquette (Form 3-3) - 31
  • Faith Daisy (Form 5-C) - 30
  • Maycee Lawrence Form 2-1) - 7

Prizes were distributed among the participating schools at a ceremony on Wednesday, 26 November, however as the school was at examinations the students were presented with their prizes and tokens on Thursday, 27 November during the morning assembly.  The school received a laptop.

Convent High School expresses immense gratitude to the sponsors and our participants in this project.  We do hope that this recognition will spur us on to continue to keep our school and home environments clean as "reduce, reuse and recycle" becomes more evident at our school.

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