Music Makes Sense - Music Week 2014

Last Updated: Monday, 17 November 2014 Published: Monday, 17 November 2014 Written by Huguette St. Hilaire

"Our theme for this week is 'MUSIC MAKES SENSE' And our music students, have taken on 'the responsibility' to prove this theme.  Music has affected our lives from the first initiative of our ancestors in the middle ages, to this very day.  It is now common knowledge that the early people began to explore the making of music with handmade instruments coming from the environment, known as idiophones.

Back then, the purpose was simple, because they led a simple life, and all that was needed were, ways to communicate and entertaining themselves religiously or otherwise. It made sense then, today in this modern world, we see that it makes even more sense and a lot of  'Cents' meaning, money.

Many studies suggests that it makes sense to teach music at school because it impacts on many, if not all other subject areas, broadening the mind in History, Geography, Physical education, Art, Mathematics, Physics, English and even Foreign Languages.  Have you seen the reception that a well known Musical artist gets? We have proof of that during our own World Creole music Festivals, and Creole in the park.

Modern technology has opened the door for beautiful music and careers in sound engineering, writing, composing, performing, editing, mixing, competing and teaching, in fact 'music' on its own is an industry.  Today we are taking the opportunity to say thanks to those persons involved in passing on musical knowledge skills and competences to the younger generation.  These persons often go unnoticed in their communities and often unrewarded."  

Present at the opening ceremony were Leng Sorhaindo and Pearle Christian (Music Educators); Valena Letang, present Band Master of the Dominica Music Lovers; Jacqueline Andre, Pan Educator; Leanne Christian who represented her self as a well known accompanist, her father Mr. Purcel Christian who now owns Christian Musical School and the students also learnt that she was the grand daughter of Mr. Lemwel Christian who composed the melody to our National Anthem; Ruth and Luther Cossowan, Donors of instruments, giving the new look to the CHS band.

During Music Week, students also had the pleasure of meeting and greeting the following persons who graced our assembles during the week. All official visitors were presented with certificates of appreciation.

Coltant Thomas (Coltant t); Benjy of Tripple K; King Dennison (Dice) Joseph; Mr. Norman Letang; The Mighty Robin;  Michele Henderson;  Earlson Matthew (WCK);  Cultural officers, Mr. Belmont Moses (Ras Mo) well known drummer and percussionist and Mr. Carlton Henry well known Bele Dancer of Tradibelle.

This was also an opportunity for students to meet those persons live, hear them in person. Students listened was they were encouraged to take their music seriously, and follow the good examples around them. They were also made aware of the surmount opportunities that surrounds musical careers.

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