CHS Receives Donation of Chromebooks

Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 October 2014 Published: Tuesday, 14 October 2014 Written by Josephine Dublin

The Convent High School is much closer to realizing its plan to stock a class-set of Chromebooks as it endeavours to pursue its goal in using more digital resources in its lesson delivery.

On Friday, 10 October, Mr and Mrs Winston and Sylvia Scotland, handed over seven Chromebooks to the school on behalf of their granddaughter, Natalie.  On one of her stays in Dominica, Natalie had lamented on the huge and, apparently, heavy schoolbags that young persons carry everyday.  She promised to do something about this and quickly solicited her classmates in organising a jam, jelly and bake sale to make a contribution.

The school had, for some time, been considering an appropriate device that would assist in the teaching-learning process and had, with the assistance of its Parent-Teacher’s Association (PTA), decided on the purchase of a set of Chromebooks for use by students particularly those with no internet or computer facilities at home.  Through her grandparents, who have already provided two scholarships to students pursuing studies in Science at the school, Natalie donated US$1000 towards the purchase.

As the school forges into the digital era, already students of Form 1 have already benefitted from a much lighter schoolbag as they were provided with an e-textbook for Geography, produced by the teachers in that department.  The school foresees greater developments in that area and welcomes Natalie’s gift.  We express our gratitude to her, her family, classmates and school, and the school’s PTA for allowing us to get closer to our goal.

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