Teachers' Day 2014 at CHS

Last Updated: Friday, 03 October 2014 Published: Friday, 03 October 2014 Written by Raquel Mills

 One of a kind!

Do you believe that the Convent High School is the pioneering champion in Dominica by magic? No…..A school of excellence is indeed equipped with dedicated teachers and as customary we continue to appreciate them. Cladded in their ‘Keep Calm’ t-shirts, this theme resonates through every nerve of their bodies as they exhibit warm, vivacious, lucid personalities both in and out of class.

The exquisite ambiance of the school and the cheering of the students fused together added flair to this special assembly. Our successful years at Convent High School could not have been possible without the Almighty Father, and as such we asked Him for his divine grace over each teacher. Through songs of worship and prayers, God will indeed continue to provide them with the strength as they mould the next generation of children.  As each teacher made their way to receive their intricate designed mug, each reflecting their personality, the deafening echoes of the students seemed to drift for miles as the breaking news spread that CHS teachers are indeed the best and deserve to be appreciated. The countless hours that the teachers spend not only in the academics but in extra-curricula activities are tremendous, that words cannot express our deepest gratitude.

Another special treat was in store for the teachers! At snack time, they were entertained by the Electric Slide and although many stood enthralled at the student’s performance, others joined in the fun. Subsequently, the teachers sated their appetites with some refreshments. In a few classes, there was a ‘switch-a-roo’ as interactive lessons were taught by students, who in their own judiciary rights were the teachers. The over one hundred and fifty years building seemed to have an extra- special sparkle as teachers were cascaded with gifts whose wrappers attracted the sun’s illuminating rays causing many to have sculptured smiles on their faces. The warm embraces and the ‘clicx, clax’ of the students’ cameras posing for photos added to fun and frolic.

As these fond memories continue to reign in our minds, we must remember that in order to maintain the status quo at the Convent High School, the effort has to be made by the entire CHS family. #Team JOJO1, for the consistent achievements and work throughout. Let our motto “Hard Work, Conquers All” make everyone stand proudly as we radiate lamp of knowledge, wisdom and virtue.

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