St Theresa's House Feast

Last Updated: Monday, 03 August 2015 Published: Wednesday, 01 October 2014 Written by Precious Peter

With the hard work and dedication of the house parents, Mrs. Williams, Ms. Lander, Ms. Douglas, Ms. Alexander and Mr. Xavier, St. Theresa's house was able to share a magnificent assembly and house feast, on Tuesday 30th September 2014, under the theme ' Being disciples of the Lord'.

Along with the house parents, members of the house were dressed in their pink or house shirts and school skirts.

The house colour (pink), shares the same theme colour for cancer awareness, therefore it was so fitting that a member from the Dominica Cancer Association (DCA), Ms. Cornelia, shared a few words about early cancer intervention. She also extended profound gratitude to CHS; St. Theresa's house specifically, for the activities held last year, which benefited the DCA tremendously.

Past house members including the 2013-2014 house captain, Curdijah Baptiste, received certificates. Members who performed exceptionally well throughout the last school year, also received recognition certificates. These members include: Precious Peter ( House captain), Selena Cuffy ( Vice captain) and Sinead Stephen (Prefect).

Recognition was also given to the house parents by presenting them with individual heart-shaped cakes.
In conclusion, it can be said that St. Theresa's feast was celebrated in high spirit and togetherness. The support and dedication of house members was felt throughout.

Since St. Theresa's house feast is the first to be celebrated, it can be fairly said that it was well prepared. Hard Work, Does Conquer All!

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