French Exchange 2014

Last Updated: Monday, 03 August 2015 Published: Friday, 30 May 2014 Written by Nahida Zaman and Wiltany Rolle


We departed from Roseau Ferry Terminal at 10am on Friday 25 April 2014. We were all delighted and excited. Aboard the boat, some of us slept and others listened to music.
When we arrived, we were welcomed with big smiles from all the French students and their families. After we all met and interacted with each other, we each went off to our individual correspondent’s homes.


Saturday afternoon, we all met at the Madiana cinema where we watched “The Babysitting.” We talked and recounted our experiences at our correspondents’ homes. Thankfully, we were all comfortable with who we were staying with.


Sunday was a family fun day and most of us went to spend the day at the beach.


Monday was our first day at school in Martinique and we all had to wake up really early because their school starts at 7am! The Julia Nicholas School is really big and it has a lot of stairs. There are about 6 floors. At the end of the day we were all tired because school ended at 5pm on that day!


Tuesday, we went on a tour to the north. We visited Mount Pelée and we also watched a documentary at the Seismological Science Centre on the eruption in 1902. Afterwards we picnicked on the beach and enjoyed ourselves, followed by an afternoon visit to the Emerald Park Interactive Nature Museum and Garden.


Wednesday was a normal day; we attended classes with our correspondents. Two of our students, Nahida Zaman and Wiltany Rolle, went to a big bookstore in town where we helped Mr. Grimner chose and purchase over 100 new French reading books for our CHS library.


Thursday was a holiday in Martinique since it was the 1st of May. Some went hiking, some stayed home and some went to the beach.


On Friday a few of the students went into downtown Fort-de-France as a group with Mr. Grimner.  A lot of the people loved to see our school uniforms. They visited the beautiful old Schoelcher Library which is now a museum, the Fort-de-France Cathedral, the covered market and other sites in town.


Saturday we all got together and did shopping.


Sunday, after 10 wonderful days in Martinique, we gathered at the ferry terminal at about 3pm. We were all a bit sad to leave but we had to go. We exchanged numbers and said goodbye. After a 2 hour return trip we reunited with our waiting families in Dominica about 5pm.
Thank goodness the following day was a holiday because after all the fun, we certainly needed a full day’s rest!

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