GBLH visit their little sisters

Last Updated: Tuesday, 08 April 2014 Published: Tuesday, 08 April 2014 Written by Kordelle Jean-Jacques

On the 18 March, a group of student from 'God Big Little Helpers' accompanied by two teachers, Ms. Nation and Mr. Ismael went to the Roseau Primary. This visit was mainly to bring across items that would be beneficial to the students in one way or another. Items included school supplies: books, pencils, rulers and food stuff: rice, sausages, macaroni which will be used in the kitchen to cook a meal for the students. The school runs a feeding programme where children are fed in the morning, and in the afternoon at 1:00 for those who go home to no meals.

Apart from the donation, CHS students were also excited to see their little sisters/brothers and little brothers/sisters excited to see their big CHS sisters as well. We were invited to their class assemblies and marvelled at how well they were able to lead themselves in prayer so orderly and quietly. This group continues to aid the students of the Roseau Primary as promised two years ago

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