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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Sunday, 11 November 2007 Written by Audris Jno. Baptiste

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The curtains draped down on Friday in honour of Mrs. Jennifer White who was once a student at the CHS. Mrs. White, like Aunty Pearl, made a special effort to attend the morning’s assembly. Mrs. White’s hard work in promoting Dominica’s folk music was acknowledged. In celebration of Mrs. White’s music, a brilliant medley was played by two students, using the flute and clarinet. Form 2-4 performed a stunning dramatization of one of Dominica’s most well-known folk songs “Cashaku”. The students were dressed up in costumes representing the fishermen and the women. The week’s assembly came to an end with Ms. White herself leading the school song.

During History week, students were encouraged to learn about their culture through the history week quiz. Everyday, a question was asked and the winning student was awarded a small prize. What was so interesting about the week was that, almost every one of the women honoured was somehow associated with the CHS at one point of their life. The history department, with the help of other staff members and especially the students, made history week 2007 a truly memorable event for the CHS.

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