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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Sunday, 11 November 2007 Written by Audris Jno. Baptiste

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Dominica’s history week began on Monday 8th October, 2007, under the theme “Dominica’s Folk Music”, which was meant to pay special tribute to the island’s very own folk singers and writers. Here at the Convent high school, the students received first hand experience of the music, dance and drama of Dominica’s rich folk culture. The artists were displayed and honoured with much splendor and awe capturing the interest of both students and teachers alike.

The week began with the honoring of our very own Jean Lawrence-Mathurin who was once a music teacher at the Convent High School. Her works, life, and contributions to Dominica’s folk music were highlighted in the assembly on Monday morning. A group of students, after much practice, performed a piece on the ever popular “Ti moun o la ou sorti” with Collete Ambo playing the role of a worried mother.

Dominica’s very own Mabel Cissy Caudieron was paid special tribute on Wednesday. Her love for Dominica’s culture and her hard work in influencing Dominicans to accept and promote our Creole dances and song was highlighted in her biography. Performing students of the CHS dressed up in their creole wear, some wore the men’s wear, others in the jupe and performed a spectacular heel and toe dance. Afterwards, the students of form 4-A performed one of Mrs. Caudieron’s most famous folk songs, “Johnny is a Saka Boy”. The school’s applause to the performances could be heard miles away.

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