Pi Day at CHS 2014

Last Updated: Thursday, 27 March 2014 Published: Saturday, 22 March 2014 Written by Diane Murray-Bannis

Pi Recitation WinnersPi Day at CHS was celebrated on Friday 14th March.  The day began with an prayerful assembly conducted by students and the staff of the Mathematics department.  After, the school was treated to a comedic and flawless presentation which poked fun at mathematical terms through the eyes of a grandmother, from the school’s speech chorale led by Ms. Leandra Lander.  The morning proceedings ended with the awarding of certificates and pins to high excelling Mathematics students from first form to fifth form.

The highlight of the day was the recitation of Pi to as many digits as possible.  This feat was not for the faint of heart or the forgetful was held during break.  There were twenty-one contestants from first form to fifth form.  In the presence of cheering students and staff, the record of 55 digits was shattered and was replaced by the new record of 143 digits.  The top three winners in descending order are Ishita Dhiman, Lilisha Angol and Maat Henderson.

Pi Recitation Participants

The Mathematics department wishes to thank all the students, staff members and our benefactors for the financial support, for another successful Pi Day.

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