A True 'Blu' Christmas at CHS

Last Updated: Saturday, 01 February 2014 Published: Saturday, 01 February 2014 Written by Huguette St. Hilaire

Students had a Wonderful Christmas with Fone Shack as our headline sponsor this year.  Thanks to the generous sponsorship by Fone Shack- Digicel. The music department and the student council were able to send many students home with a smile on their faces.

Thanks to Arden Sound Systems for the donation of live music and the four members of the Signal Band along with Dwayne Benjamin for their generous time and hard work spent last week with the third form students assisting with their musical accompaniment for the Calypsos.

It was, and can only be described. as a happy 'Blu' Christmas with Fone Shack's donation of two 'Blu' smart phones, tote bags, watches, pens, and hand bands for the winners and performers.  Mrs. Rowan Guye of Fone Shack donated the trophy for the Calypso winner.

The annual Christmas concert exploded on the back court yard to the sounds of Arden Sound System from 3 - 7 pm. on Friday 13th December 2013. There was one unanticipated technical difficulty, but we recovered to entertain and gave performances in Lip Sync: Jingle; and Calypso. Congratulations to the following winners: All competitors did a wonderful job and were also given prizes.

  • LIP SYNC - Baines -'Blu' tote bag, $100 purchase check, watch, pen, and 'Blu' armbands
  • JINGLE:  Form 3-3: 1 'Blu' smart phone, watches, pens, arm bands for supporting team members.
  • CALYPSO: Form 3-1: Kareen George with her calypso 'Tings Poko Bright'.

Trophy + 1 'Blu' smart phone, watches, pens, armbands for supporting team members.
We thank all Guess artists who gave wonderful performances  the music and band students of fourth and fifth forms who were part of the judging panel - we are proud of you.  Mr. Marlon Marie, and Phael (outside Judges) and Mr. Julian Benjamin for doing a skillful job as MC .

The music department would like to thank those who have supported activities during the term and music week.

The music department will continue the Excitement throughout the Carnival season by promoting its two candidates for the Junior Calypso Competition with a raffle of one "blu" smart phone; only $3.00. Have a 'blu' smart phone to take all your pictures this Carnival. 

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