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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 October 2013 Published: Monday, 21 October 2013 Written by Taiwah Hunter Photography Munirih Marie

The first ever Breast Cancer Awareness Concert was held under the theme – ‘BE PINK! BE HOPE! FIGHT BREAST CANCER ‘better known as ‘Pink Fest’ was hosted by St. Theresa’s House led by Miss Leandra Lander and was celebrated on Saturday 12th of October on the Convent high School Grounds. At about 5:00 p.m. the Back Court Yard was flooded with students and young people from the Convent High School and various schools around Roseau and environs.  They were mainly dressed in pink or were wearing a pink item of clothing.  It was exhilarating to see the different shades of pink and the way they were worn. The yard resembled a pink wave filled with laughter, chatter and music…… What an amazing sight!

The Concert began with an introduction by the MC and a prayer. Then the flow of talents began when Janea Jackson entertained us with a song, followed by violin accompaniment to the song ‘You Raise me Up,’ which was dedicated to cancer victims. Notwithstanding the showers of blessings which came down entertainers like XSWAG, Jay Kennedy & Shyanne Lake,  Nesta Williams, who did a poem,  and Sankoufa Dance Group,  continued to entertain the crowd leaving the patrons in awe after each performance. Other performers such as the renowned calypsonian Hunter ‘Derrick St. Rose’ graced us with one of his famous calypsos. While other singers/ bands such as Anderson and Kayyo, Black Diamond, Michele Henderson, Ophelia Marrie and Cross Vibes rocked the crowd.

The crowd was finally relieved when the famous Colton T began to sing his number one track in Dominica ‘Ice Cream Man’. The young girls screamed, singing his song word by word with the popular artist. It seems that the crowd knew his song better than Colton T himself. He then ended his performance by throwing a watch and a T-shirt into the raving crowd.

Adding to the fun, the people who were in attendance were well fed  by the different clubs and groups such as Sign Language, Choral Speech, Environmental Club and  Communication Club held various bars and food stalls selling food such as the ‘famous hotdog on a stick’, sandwiches, popcorn, sweets, juices, and cotton candy; to name a few. The Monitors also played their part in feeding the huge crowd.

To sum up, Saturday’s ‘Pink Fest’ was a blast and can be described as being very successful. After the last coin was counted it was disclosed that a whopping $3000.00 plus dollars was made in gate receipts, only. Several more hundred dollars were also made at the various bars and food stalls.  St. Theresa’s House and Miss Lander must be complimented for a job well done. Also all who participated and volunteered must give themselves a ‘Pat on the Back’ for the wonderful effort. A big thank You, to all the performers who gave their talent free of charge for a worthy cause.

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