A Dash of Compassion

Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 October 2013 Published: Sunday, 06 October 2013 Written by Janae I. Jackson Photography Munirih Marie

On October 1, the members of St. Theresa’s House- ‘The pink House’ celebrated its annual feast day. This year however, was unlike any other year. It was a feast with a twist! The members of the House found it most fitting to align themselves with persons fighting against  breast cancer which is symbolized by a little pink ribbon.

The assembly began with a splendid instrumental entitled ‘You raise me up’, done by former St. Theresa House member- Anna-Marie Le Blanc and present member Jodie Johnson both on flute. After which the short chorus of ‘Thanks, Thanks’ was repeated. This was then followed by the welcome address done by House Captain- Curdijah Baptiste, and ‘the Lord is my Shepherd’ prayer. The assembly continued with a presentation on the history of St. Theresa by the St. Theresa’s Choral Speech group which was put together by house mother, Miss Leandra Lander. In keeping with the theme of compassion, the song entitled ‘God of Mercy and Compassion’ was sung by the entire school body. Also present were invited guests, who were past members of the house, the Cancer Association representatives and cancer survivors. The bible reading was taken from Luke 9:51-56, and a reflective solo piece was done by Janae Jackson entitled ‘I just can’t give up now’.

There were then five bidding prayers to which the response was ‘St. Theresa help us to be compassionate’. These prayers were offered up for St. Theresa, the Convent High School, the less fortunate, people with cancer and lastly the nation and its leaders. After this, there were presentation of lights where the members of the House carried candles for the people who had died from cancer as well as  those who survived. The school was then treated to a dance which ended in a magnificent display of the cancer symbol made with pink fabric.

To place the icing on the cake, Mrs. Richards- a mother of our very own C.H.S student and a cancer survivor addressed the school on what she went through as a survivor and about how to be compassionate towards such situations. She then requested a song which seemed dear to her heart- ‘Lean on me’. Some brief remarks were also presented by the president of the Dominica Cancer Association.  Finally, the assembly ended with the vote of thanks done by Vice-captain of the House, Alejandra Humphreys, and the House song- ‘Little Flower of Carmel’.

All in all, the members of St. Theresa’s House were able to capture the true essence of being compassionate as they stepped into the shoes of cancer survivors. So too as Mother Theresa went through trials in her life time, the members gave a sense of hope and encouragement, blazing the awareness of cancer especially that of breast cancer.

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