2013 CXC CSEC Results Available Online

Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 August 2013 Published: Sunday, 11 August 2013 Written by Michael Peters

CXC will release the 2013 CSEC Results soon; however, not all CHS students will be able to view their results online.

Students may not be able to view their results if:

  1. There are books to be returned to the Ministry of Education; please return these books at the earliest.
  2. There are fees outstanding or graduation gowns not yet returned to the school; kindly make payment and return gowns to the Convent High School office when the office reopens.

Please Note:

  • CHS office is closed for summer break and will reopen on August 26, 2013.
  • CHS office may be open for a few days before August 26 to issue CXC results pre-slips.  Pre-slips will be distributed from the school as soon as they are received from the Ministry; monitor the CHS website for an announcement.
  • You may refer to your receipts of payments to identify if you have any outstanding fees.
  • CHS is unable to provide guidance on returning books to the Ministry of Education.
  • CHS is not able to offer support for accessing the CSEC exam results.

Form 5 students (CHS): Please collect your lab books and SBA scripts by Friday August 30, 2013.  Any lab books, SBAs, or other student material will be disposed off in any manner deemed suitable by CHS.

Visit the CXC website at http://cxc.org or the CXC facebook page for more details.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) supersedes the CHS in authority to release the results to students.  According to the MoE's records, some CHS students have not returned books to the MoE and the MoE will deny access to the results to all CHS students.  In an effort to resolve this issue, CHS will attempt to contact the students the MoE has indicated have not returned books.  CHS will request that students contact the MoE as soon as possible.   CHS is not aware when the MoE will allow students access to their CSEC results.  Keep trying https://ors.cxc.org/studentportal/.

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