The Anti-bullying Movement (2013)

Last Updated: Wednesday, 06 February 2013 Published: Wednesday, 06 February 2013 Written by Verena Lake

           On Wednesday 16th January the executive members of the Anti-Bullying Movement commonly known as the ABM sat down with eighteen young ladies. During the meeting, the recruits were informed of the rules and purpose for the movement. The president, Vnyliz Daily informed the new members of the code of conduct and responsibilities a member of the ABM is suppose to carry out.

            After the discussion, the new members were officially initiated into the group and a new executive committee was elected. Current positions include President-  Jodine Robin, Vice President- Odera Baron, Secretary- Verena Lake, Assistant Secretary- Abigail Henderson, Public Relations Officer (P.R.O)- Kerissa St.Rose and Treasurer- Christy Balthazar. The Anti-Bullying Movement looks forward to their contribution of service towards the Convent High School and their dedication towards  making C.H.S a bully free environment.



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