Film-making Workshop

Last Updated: Monday, 04 February 2013 Published: Monday, 04 February 2013 Written by Netisha Durand

Director Clement Richards held a film-making workshop on the 19th and 26th January 2013 for students at the lower school of various high schools. Students Elizabeth Richards (3-2), Donielle George (1-1), Selena Pacquette (1-1), Lease Anthony(1-2), Tatyana Dangleben (1-3) and Akliah-Jade Miller (1-3) of The Convent High School were in attendance.

Mr Richards described the art of Digital Story Telling as using basic film-making techniques to create a product on the computer. He further explained that “Film presents an alternative reality which can become real. Digital media is a modern tool used world wide and  “all aspects of culture can be used as tools for development. We can therefore use film as part of the development process.” Before ending his session Mr Ricards imparted these words: “Anything you get out of life is what you put in, so put the best 'you' in your work”.

Mr Ceally, co-facilitator followed with a detailed discussion on the Three-Act Structure/three parts of the play.
The second half of the session began after Poet Ras Mo engaged the students by performing a poem called 'I am a Poet'. Drawing on the students personal experiences, Ras Mo helped various groups create a four-line stanza poem to the question 'Why do young people make choices?'

According to student Akliah Miller (1-3), the workshop was "very interesting and educational. I liked the way he showed us how different people make films. Though the workshop was long, I was amazed."

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