Convent High School Graduates Fifty-five Students (2007)

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Saturday, 14 July 2007 Written by Kimone Joseph

ROSEAU –The Convent High School graduated fifty-five students at its commencement and prize giving ceremony at the Arawak House of Culture on July 4 under the theme “Embracing yesterday’s sunset … Anticipating tomorrow’s sunrise.”

Miss Giselle George, former student and teacher of the school, who currently works as a qualified Mathematics teacher in New York City, gave the feature address at the ceremony. George’s message to the graduates was presented in a relaxed and comfortable tone. She urged the graduates to trust in their faith, family, friends and their future.

A big surprise at the ceremony was that there were two valedictorians this year. During their valedictory address, Illyana Green and Stephie Pascal expressed their sincere thanks to God, the Church, teachers, parents, benefactors of the school and the Ministry of Education. The two compared the graduating class to seeds, that with the correct amount of nutrition, would grow to become strong and healthy trees. Green and Pascal advised their fellow graduates to stand up for what they believed and to work to be leaders in this world.

Illyana Green and Stephie Pascal


“You are the seeds that have been well watered and cared for with roots that extend deep into the soil. Graduates, everyone respects a person who leads, who knows what she is about and who can tastefully express herself. Be that person. Be pleasant to everyone, even your competition,” said Green and Pascal.

Many awards were given to deserving graduates. Some of these awards included: Excellence in Business Award (donated by Fabric and Notion) presented to Jemma Julien, Harris Paints Award for Excellence in Business (donated by Harris Paints) presented to Dilia Davis, Dorothy Leevy Award for Languages (donated by Mrs. Dorothy Leevy) presented to Katrina Bellot, Award for Excellence in Science (donated by ACT Ltd) presented to Stephie Pascal, Award for Leadership and Discipline (donated by Jay’s Ltd) presented to Illyana Green, Award for Scholarship and Discipline (donated by Convent High School) presented Litonya Honore, Award for Academia, Extra Curricular, Deportment and Class Spirit (donated by Mrs. Bertha Toulon) presented to Raisa Moulon, Celia Nicholas Award for Excellence in Sports (donated by Mrs. Celia Nicholas) presented to Gem Eloi, Award for Business and ICT (donated by Sr. Hilda Verdonck) presented to Dilma Bastien, Award for Physics (donated by DOMLEC) presented to Stephie Pascal, Award for Mathematics (donated by ALICO) presented to Stephie Pascal, Award for Caribbean History (donated by Mrs. Celia Nicholas) presented to Illyana Green, Best Credit Unionette Saver (donated by Dominica Cooperatives Societies League) presented to Tasha Richards, Award for Student with Highest Academic Average (donated by Hon & Mrs. Norris Prevost) presented to Illyana Green and Stephie Pascal.

Some of the students of the lower school were also honoured with prizes for their excellent performance during the 2006 -2007 academic year. Among these, prizes for Outstanding Academic Performance went to Andra Lewis (Form 4), Kimberly Lawrence (Form 3), Yende Grell (Form 2) and April Jules (Form 1).

The Royal Bank of Canada honoured last year’s CXC students who performed exceptionally well. These past CHS students who were presented with awards were Tsehai Grell (9 grade ones), Okara Bannis (8 grade ones) and Kamilia Bell (7 grade ones & 1 grade two).

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