Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 January 2013 Published: Monday, 28 January 2013 Written by Leandra Lander

Thirty students of the 2nd Form and three members of staff were treated to a tour and refreshments aboard the AIDA Lune on Wednesday 23rd January, 2013. The Geography department organized the field trip in collaboration with H.H. V. Whitchurch, as part of the Form Two syllabus. The department understands the need to plan activities that are as interactive and realistic as possible to foster learning.

The students visited six of the fourteen decks and interacted with many staff members of the cruise ship. The tour was rated as enjoyable by both students and staff. Miss Leandra Lander, Ms. Edna Desabaye and Miss Dhanelle Cuffy accompanied the students.

The AIDA Lune originates from Germany and docks here in Dominica every two weeks.

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