World Respect for Life Day 2013

Last Updated: Monday, 03 August 2015 Published: Thursday, 24 January 2013 Written by Siobhan Pascal

On 23rd January 2013, the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation (DBS Radio) enabled listeners throughout Dominica to join the students and staff of the Convent High School in celebrating one of the best World Respect for Life Day Assemblies.

 Sue-Ellen Myers welcomed our guests, listening audience and the general school body, while the Master of Ceremony, Ms. Netisha Durand elucidated us on this year's theme: "Faith opens our eyes to human life in all its grandeur and beauty", a quote from Pope Benedict XVI. 

Deputy Head Girl, Shekina Moise read the bible passage from Mark 3: 1-6. In the bible reading Jesus asks the Pharisees, "What does our Law allow us to do on the Sabbath? To help or to harm? To save someone's life or to destroy it?" But they did not say a thing." It was a call for everyone to reflect on all decisions. Are they all pro-life? Do we support allowing every one of God's children the chance to live a positive life?

Bidding prayers to the response: "Lord Graciously Hear Us" implored God to guide all people towards making more choices that affect our lives and that of other people more positively. 

To depict the influence of so many common yet dangerous situations in life today, students performed tableaux. The tableaux depicted the homeless, drug addiction, senseless violence, and bullying. They stressed the fact that all lives are sacred and that we are responsible for life. Do we give to the needy? Do we think of others? Do we treat others as we want others to treat us? Do we put ourselves in the shoes of the physically and mentally abused, the bullied? 

Next, as the students sang ‘It Only Takes a Spark’,  the Form Captains lit candles arranged in a circle. They symbolized that everyone is part of God's circle of life and impressed on the students the need to bring our light to the darkness. After Nakisa Pinard sung "Heal the World", our head girl, Jade Alexander gave her address. This speech enforced the need to make individual choices, to respect life no matter the cost and most important of all to be pro-life. Let us indeed move in One Direction, as One Nation and One Convent High School. 

Female calypsonian, Sharien "Electra" Letang sang her calypso for this year "Woman's Worth." Her invigorating performance had the entire school singing along to positive lyrics about women showing their worth in the country today. To add to our euphoria, Hunter, our other calypsonian, sang "No Mama Doe Cry." His lyrics implored us to not fall between the cracks and let our parents down. 

Finally, after an inspirational dance by the CHS Dance Group, Father Cuffy addressed the school body and said that we are the future of today not tomorrow. He stressed the importance of pro-life laws and that as students we must do all we can go protect lives, because respecting life is about: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

Our special prefect, Jodi Simeon wrapped up the proceedings with a sincere Vote of Thanks before Mrs. Dublin addressed the school.

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