World Respect Life Day 2013 - Head Girl's Address

Last Updated: Monday, 28 January 2013 Published: Wednesday, 23 January 2013 Written by Jade Alexander

Todd Atkins was one of the Republican senates campaigning with Mitt Romney, against Barack Obama, who was so pro-life he said that even if you've been raped or abused you should still respect life. After this statement, his popularity declined and because of the constant pressure, he had to quit the race. Today, my Christian Community, sometimes we may have to suffer in different ways to stand up for what is right.

Welcome again to this sensational event. Let me first say thank you for your civility and respect for life.  


A quote from says: "Respect Life and Life will respect you. Love life and life will shower blessings on you." How much do we value our lives? Who among us uses contraceptives? Who among us has had an abortion? Are these relevant questions? Are we going to point fingers today? We have to make individual choices to choose to preserve the precious present of life and encourage others to, despite their transgressions. My fellow citizens, the decision begins with us.
It has already been outlined for us: Respect God, respect ourselves and respect others, following the saying: "We must first respect ourselves in order to respect others." But what really is expected from us? My peers, let us understand that we must first stop and think of our actions. Are we promiscuous? Do we drive people to the suicidal cliff when we bully them? Do we overdose on drugs or alcohol? Do we commit to other immoral behaviours that can lead to detriment of our life and that of other?
I once heard on a movie: "We have to leave the life we planned to receive the life God has in store of us." Living means embracing Jesus, the Living Water and source of all life. It means accepting our uniqueness. It is said in Job 1:21, "the Lord gives and Lord takes."

When we are excessively sinful, life becomes unmanageable. Believe it or not, God gives us second chances. This year to promote peace, love and hope we have to have faith.We are given the opportunity to change into respectable members of society by our faith. Are we going to let it slip away?
And what should we do to show we respect our friends? Not giving into negative peer pressure, including promiscuity, pornography, bullying, possibly murder, abortion or substance abuse.
Using our talents to spread peace would be one of the most lucrative methods of showing our respect for life. God gives everyone a variety of talents. They are like different combinations to the safe of our souls. So I urge everyone to show their respect for others. We have already begun by uniting today. It is time to fight against war and destruction by nurturing those severely threatened by death: the soldiers, the unborn babies, the elderly, the downtrodden, the starving, the outcasts and spiritually, physically and emotionally ill. By then, we would be showered with respect and blessings.
As we move along with our Carnival Celebrations, let CHS set the foundation to stand up for peace, discouraging violence and its causes. With the Holy Spirit, who ignites the lamp of God's strength and grace in us, Let us respect life in all its forms, moving in one direction as One Nation and One Convent High School Community.

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