The Government Band brings Christmas Cheer to CHS!

Last Updated: Monday, 03 August 2015 Published: Monday, 10 December 2012 Written by Kibibi Stephenson

After a meaningful assembly, conducted by our principal, Mrs. Josephine Dublin, the school body was introduced to a treat – The Government Band formerly Music Lovers.

The drum major, Mr. Richards, introduced the band, its origins and the various sections of the band- the woodwind section, the brass section and the percussion section.  In addition, the band members who were formerly Convent High students introduced themselves and their former houses.This Christmas treat started with both the Convent High School band and the Government Band playing  the most well-known carol “ We wish you a Merry Christmas”. Our Christmas treat continued with a wonderful medley under the baton of able conductor, Mrs. Valena Letang. This surely filled the students of the Convent High school, Convent Prep and the Community High School, with the Christmas spirit. The students screamed with delight at the government band’s rendition of the popular pop song “Dynamite”.

Following that, one of our teachers, Mrs. D. Sorhaindo amazingly sang, “O Holy Night” astonishing the entire school with such an angelic voice and her wonderful high notes. The school body continued having a fun filled time with the Christmas carols excellently played by the Government Band.

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We hope that  after all this awesome Christmas  music, all students may have a deeper appreciation for music and we look forward to the Government Band’s return next year!

Peace, Hope and Goodwill to all!

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