Christmas Break Assignments 2012

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Christmas Break 2012 assignments are here.



Form 5: Mr. Grimner

French Exam 1 Paper 2 answers:
CXC Report on 2011 French CXC Exam Corrections.

CXC French 2011 Paper 2 sample PDF file:


1-2:  Ms. Blanc

Describe how poka tok was played (Chapter 3:Maya)


Form 5: Mrs. Sorhaindo

Due Date: Thursday of second week of Term 2

  1. Students will create a character box or scrapbook (explain & validate each item in box/scrapbook on a separate sheet within box) for each group of characters in the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” for next term.
  2. Review the entire play
  3. Write an Essay on the topic:
    The Notion of dreams foreshadows the underlying concept of the play.
    1. What is the purpose of dreams in the play
    2. Explain the relationship between dreams and sleep.
    3. Discuss the effects of these on the characters in the play and on the audience.

Office Administration

Form 4:  Ms. Desabaye

Sorry File no longer available.


All Forms / All Classes
Due date: Religion Class during the third week of the second term.

Sorry File no longer available.


1-1: Ms. Blanc

Living things
Due date: 1st day of science class in term 2
To be done on EXERCISE BOOKS.

  1. Draw and label the life cycle of the mosquito
  2. Explain the stages involved in the life cycle of the mosquito
  3. Where do mosquitoes breed?
  4. Name TWO(2) diseases spread by mosquitos. Write short details about each.

Parents-Students (Yes, parents have homework too)

As CHS implements new technology, facilities and features into its operations, policies and guides will be developed to direct all users--staff, parents, and students. Please visit the About CHS > Policies page and sections to keep updated on the information there.  The information on the website is the same or updated versions of what formed the student manual you received at registration.

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