Music Week with a Spark!

Last Updated: Monday, 22 October 2012 Published: Sunday, 21 October 2012 Written by Raquel Mills

One might ask, “Why do I have to learn music?” Music is a means of communicating and expressing ones self with others through song. It is beneficial as it teaches time management and how to be studious. To enlighten the students into an awareness of music education, the Convent High School hosted a music week.

 Throughout the week we had inspirational and musical assemblies which filled the souls of both the students and teachers. The entertaining skits from the Drama Group made everyone burst into peals of laughter. During the week, we were joined by The Lady of Song- Mrs. Ophelia Marie who graced us with her singing which had everyone gyrating their bodies to the rhythm of the music. Ms. Sonia Lloyd gave us a few words of how music has impacted her life positively. Ms. Nakisha Pinnard who brought home 1st place for her song gave us a taste of her talent which was accompanied by the drummer, Mr. M. Ferrol. The school body who joined in singing “mmmmmmm” certainly left a sign that they enjoyed it to the maximum.

Here comes the spark- on Wednesday 17th October, 2012 was certainly a day to remember. Upon arriving at CHS, everywhere was decorated which left each student speculating as to what was really occurring. What was more peculiar was why the teachers one by one were making their way to the assembly area……soon enough we got to know that it was our Principal of Excellence’s birthday. This left everyone especially the First Formers in astonishment.
We proceeded with a very meaningful assembly which was led by the teachers. Mrs. Dublin was showered with gifts and our very own Drama Group led by Mrs. St. Hilaire sang in their unique way “Happy Birthday” as the students and teachers chorused along. This left Mrs. Dublin tearful. As our dear principal brought a closure to the assembly she said that the reward for hard work is more hard work. Additionally, she concluded that her personality is a true reflection of her dedicated staff and students. From all at CHS we would like to express Happy B-day and may the good Lord continue to give you strength even when you are in despair.
Hats off to the music team for a very excellent music week. Most important, let’s continue to embrace the Lord with music as he continues to guide us in being a school of excellence.

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