Music Quiz, are you in Tune?

Last Updated: Monday, 22 October 2012 Published: Friday, 12 October 2012 Written by Hugette St Hilaire

Convent High School brings music to life with a week long observance of Music week. Get in tune and read the following questions to get ready for the Music Quiz on Tuesday 16 October. Your House could be the winner!

MUSIC WEEK -  2012

JUNIOR -  Forms 1 & 2

    1. The families of instruments that make up the Orchestra
    2. The names of instruments that make up each each family group
  1. Knowledge of the first four basicmusic notes (whole - eighth), their time and italian names and their length in crochet beats.
  2. The Music staff, lines and spaces names in treble and bass clef.
  3. Rests signs and their values in crochet beats.
  4. Music media trivia – cartoon (spongebob)

SENIOR -   Forms 3-5

  1. Sharps and flats in Major keys – up to three sharps.
  2. Giving the name of the Relative Minor of one given Major Key.
  3. Knowledge of instruments of the orchestra within each  family groups.
  4. Folk names of groups of instruments.

JOINT GROUP QUESTIONS  -  Other included topics

  1. Questions about instruments studied in school -   keyboard;   drumset; guitar; recorder
  2. Vocal voices – male and female
  3. Addition of note lengths:

LISTENING SECTION: -  to identify

  1. Types of instruments -  (classical; modern; folk)
  2. Styles of the music.
  3. Dominican dances;  local folk band and instruments used.


Questions will be in the following order:

  • JUNIORS:   SENIORS:  Separately (6 questions) one per house – 5pts each
  • JUNIORS  &  SENIORS:  Together (6 questions) one per house – 5 pts each
  • JUNIORS  &  SENIORS:  Together (4 questions) all answers written – 15 pts
  • Tie Breraker :  JUNIORS  &  SENIORS:  Together (5 questions) all answers written – 5 pts


Each participant will be given 30 seconds to complete an answer.

  • Prompt answer : immediate respose (2-5 sec.) Correct answer- 5 Pts.
  • Slightly hessitant:  (and longer than 5 sec.)  Correct answer – 3 pts
  • Wrong answer / 2nd chance -  Correct prompt answer – 2 pts / hessitant but correct – 1pt.
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