Long Live the Teachers of CHS!!

Last Updated: Monday, 22 October 2012 Published: Saturday, 06 October 2012 Written by Raquel Mills

Upon entering the Convent High School, “Ooos and Aaas” engrossed the air as the ambiance of the school was uplifted with  an  array of balloons and colorful banners. The teachers were treated like royalty as they were escorted to the assembly area. The inspirational assembly was done by the fifth formers. These students really put all their time and aptitudes in really making this a memorable assembly. Gifts and poems were read by the students to show how much we at CHS deeply appreciate our teachers.


During the presentation of the gifts, the applause was insurmountable. After this one can agree with me and say that they had an earache! The day continued in this festive mood. Surprises and more surprises were yet to come!
At break time, the teachers were given little delicacies while they danced to the rhythm of the music. For all their hard work the teachers were well paid!
Everyone was elated when two of our dedicated staff achieved awards. Our principal, Mrs. Josephine Dublin came home with the Outstanding Principal of the Year Award while Ms. Andrea Seaman came 3rd for Outstanding Teacher of the Year. Truly, they deserved these prestigious awards as they continue to instill good morals and discipline in the lives of students here at the Convent High School.
The celebrations never seemed to end as the teachers played Musical Chairs and moved their bodies to the “Cha! Cha! Cha!” dance. The students even joined in the fun. A blessed teachers’ day to all! Long live the teachers of the Convent High School as they continue to strive on the path toward excellence!

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