Who is going to be Head Girl this year?

Last Updated: Monday, 22 October 2012 Published: Monday, 17 September 2012 Written by Kerissa St. Rose

On Friday, September 14, 2012, the four (4) nominees for the Convent High School Head Girl were introduced to the student body for the very first time. These outstanding fifth (5th) formers included:

  • Jade Alexander
  • Rajief Defoe
  • Shekina Moise
  • Jodi Simeon

The nominees gave very interesting speeches, with most of them being very lively and vivid.

Shekina and Jodi approached the microphone as a team, giving a speech on what we should expect from them if we were to elect them for Head Girl for the year 2012-2013. These two stated that they cannot promise us longer breaks, shorter curricula or toilet paper, but they can promise us a very fun and interesting school year.

Jade Alexander began her speech by saying, ‘I wonder if Obama feels the same way that I’m feeling right now!’- A very brilliant way to catch Convent High School’s students’ attention. She also indicated that if she were to be elected as Convent High School’s head girl, she would try her very best to set aside a day of the year in order for us to have a costume day, or as everyone calls it- come as you like.

Rajief, on the other hand, took a different approach and gave a very serious, yet, informative speech, demonstrating to us exactly what we should expect from her.

All of the students taking part in “The Head Girl Campaign” came from the class of 5-A and all four seem to be good choices for CHS, but at the end, it comes down to the student body to make their own decision for Head Girl.

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