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All Students

Friday July 13 is the deadline for all queries of 2011-2012 marks, attendance, and demerits as posted on the Report to Parents (Report Card).  CHS may be unable to make changes for the 2011-2012 year after this date, and where changes are possible a late fee will apply.

Late fees may also apply for enrollment changes

Form 2 Students promoted to Form 3

Meeting to discuss options; Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and Foreign Language.
Meeting at CHS on Friday July 6, 2012.  8:30AM. In plain clothes

Letter to Parents e-copy only

"In its quest to cater to the needs of students and to enhance student learning, the school conducts regular evaluations of student performance.  At one such evaluation, we confirmed the heavy work load of students at the Form Three level.  

We have decided that students will make their foreign language option at Third Form.  Though many students are capable of pursuing all three Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), we have identified a group of students whose Mathematics and Science grades are much too low to permit them to perform adequately in the science subjects at this level.  These students have been asked to come to the school to make the necessary adjustments.  This means that the student loads may vary from twelve to fifteen subjects in Form Three.

The school apologizes for the late decision taken, but we feel that it is in the best interest of the students affected.

Permit me to express our gratitude to you for your continued support and encouragement.





Form 3 Students promoted to Form 4

Meeting to finalize options.  Students will be informed of the subjects they will be enrolled in Form 4; all based on meeting the criteria, available teachers, and class size.
Meeting at CHS on Thursday July 5, 2012.  2:00PM. In plain clothes.

Students failing to attend this meeting will be enrolled is classes with available space.

Form 4 and 5 French Students

Please do not discard French textbook COMMUNICATIONS.
Please donate any used copies of COMMUNICATIONS to the school in July or in the new school year. Thank you!
(Form 4 2012-2013 French textbook is now TRICOLORE and TRICOLORE WORKBOOK).

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