Class of 2012 Journey On

Last Updated: Friday, 05 October 2012 Published: Tuesday, 03 July 2012 Written by Sherri Jeffrey

With grateful hearts, and blessed spirits, we journey on.

Seventy-nine form five students did just as the theme for this year’s graduation suggested: they journeyed on to a life beyond the school after a successful graduation at the Botanical Gardens on 24 June, 2012.


This year’s theme was more than fitting as proud parents, teachers, family and friends looked on, beaming with pride as each graduand received her diploma. As the featured speaker, Mrs. Celia Nicholas, pointed out to the graduand, this was one of the many steps that they needed in order to achieve in life. She further reminded them that the work does not stop here, that this ceremony was a stepping stone in the long journey that they would have to continue, that is, life outside of the Convent High School.


Among the recipients of prizes, Leah Dodds copped the highest academic prize, naming her valedictorian. Other prizes include Civic Mindedness – Kaidie Williams and Achievement Despite Challenges – Keisha Dubique.


The Convent High School graduating class of 2012 finally walked out of the beautifully decorated Botanical Gardens to a life that we all know will be prosperous. It is our hope that they will indeed journey on and continue to make us all proud.


View a few photos of the graduation day here.

Read a short article on the form 5 final day.

Download a copy of the graduation booklet. This copy has been formatted to print on letter size paper.

pdf.png Graduation Booklet 2012 HOT
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