Happy 154 Anniversary Convent High School!!!!

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Thursday, 02 February 2012 Written by Daria Mitchell Sorhaindo

Today February 2, The Convent High School celebrates 154 years of service to Dominica as it continues to turn out young women of standing in our society.

Today’s celebration began with a vibrant mass, the Feast of the Presentation, at Our Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral. Bishop Gabriel Malzaire and Monsignor William John -Lewis concelebrated the mass. All groups of the Convent High school presented lighted candles in procession at the beginning of the mass symbolising the lights that each of these groups bring to their school and their society. Mrs Jennifer White, former student and teacher of the Convent High School, animated the mass.


Present at the mass were the former Principal, Mrs Dorothy Levy and past teachers- Mrs Bertha Toulon, Mrs Lucille Blackman, Ms Marcella Severin and Ms Cylma Howe, past student. Many parents and guardians as well as, well-wishes were present to celebrate this glorious occasion.


Following the mass, His Lordship was treated to presentations and performances by the various groups of the Convent High School. The groups were:


The Writers’ Club led by Mrs D. Sorhaindo & Miss D. Matthew

The Credit Unionette led by Miss I. Prentice

The Anti-Bullying Movement led by Ms A. Austrie & Miss. G. Eloi

The Perpetual Help programme led by Mr. E. Xavier

The School Band led by Mrs H. St Hilaire

God’s Big Little Helpers led by Form 3-2 & Miss N. Nation

CHS Environmental Club led by Form 5A 7 Ms A. Jno  Baptiste

The Chorale Speech group led by Miss N. Durand, Miss A. Jno  Baptiste, & Miss L. Lander

The CHS Choir led by Ms E. Lewis, Ms S. Blanc, Mrs. J. Johnson, Mrs S. Douglas-Perez & Miss D. Matthew

The Communications Club led by Miss S. Jeffrey

The Sport Department led by Miss G. Eloi, Mrs. J. Johnson & Miss N. Williams

The Dance Troupe led by Miss N. Nation



Following these presentations, Mrs Celia Nicholas, former student of Convent High School, presented the Bishop with a History pack about the Hillsborough Estate which was recently destroyed in the flood of October 2011.


Four teachers were honoured for their long service to Convent High School. They were: Ms Euvilla Lewis, Mr Andre McAulay, Mrs Daria Sorhaindo, and Ms Nadette Williams.


The day ended with a meeting of the staff with his Lordship Gabriel Malzaire and a staff lunch.


To view more photos of the 154th Anniversary celebration, click here.

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